An anti-Covid pill for a quick recovery: here’s how it works

We continue to talk about Covid, reasonably, although in the absence of the alarmist tones of recent years, understandably so. This does not mean that the risk is zero, on the contrary. This is a serious and very risky problem for a considerable portion of the population, which appears to be particularly at risk.

However, research on this front continues and with excellent results. A new drug is arriving from China, il simnotrelvir. In fact, an anti-Covid pill that promises to accelerate the recovery of the organism from the disease of approximately 1.5 days.

The anti-Covid pill is coming

Regardless of what the social headlines may be, talking about a “fast recovery” from Covid would obviously be wrong. The results of a study published in New England Journal of MedicineHowever, they give rise to hope.

Simnotrelvir is already available for sale, but limited to China. Here it has in fact obtained authorization for emergency use starting from the beginning of 2023. Also considering the price at which it is sold, lower than its main competitor (Paxlovid), it is in fact the most popular anti-Covid antiviral.

As mentioned, it allows you to speed up the healing process by approximately 1.5 days. However, it does not work miracles in the most serious cases, this must be clarified. The beneficial effect in fact concerns the subjects in mild or moderate infection conditions. Obvious positive effects, which could push other countries to approve the drug after in-depth clinical studies.

The effects

In the magazine New England Journal of Medicine was published on trials clinical, which highlighted a remarkable positive effect of the drug. Administration involves a cycle of pills, the effect of which is almost immediate. The body quickly perceives the benefits, with lowering of body temperaturetherefore of fever, and alleviation of symptoms such as cough And a runny nose.

Its arrival in Europe cannot be ruled out, despite the understandable anxieties of the public, as it is a medical product made in China. Taking into account the political revelations about the management of the pandemic in its early stages, it will be difficult to get the masses to trust simnotrelvir.

At present, however, the World Health Organization recommends that only subjects belonging to high-risk groups use antivirals such as Paxlovid (also used in Italy).

In fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, drugs of this type were tested largely on high-risk subjects. A changed situation, explained the co-author of the study Bin Wowpulmonologist at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing.

This is because the coronavirus has now become a routine respiratory virus. Tests were carried out on young people with defined standard risk levels. A combination of simnotrelvir with a component of Paxlovid, i.e. ritonavir (this limits the degradation of the anti-Covid pill) was administered to more than 600 people, with average age of 35 years. Half the sample had a risk factor, such as obesity. By the fifth day, i Sars-CoV-2 levels had decreased by approximately 30 times in subjects who had taken the drug compared to those who had received the placebo.

Not just notable advantages, however. The opposite is given by the incompatibility with a series of other commonly used drugs. It is also required to start treatment within three days of the development of the first symptoms.