“Anti-dumping investigation into Chinese cars”

Brussels lighthouse on the exponential sale of Chinese cars. “Today I want to announce that the European Commission is starting an anti-subsidy investigation on electric vehicles from China. Europe is open to competition; not a race to the bottom.”

Electric cars, the EU wakes up

Resident P of the community executive said this yesterday Ursula von der Leyen during the annual State of the Union address, announcing the opening of an anti-subsidy investigation into imports of Chinese electric cars, after sales of cars from China have increased significantly in recent months, causing serious concern among car manufacturers Europeans.

“Global markets are flooded with particularly cheap Chinese electric cars – said von der Leyen -. Their price is kept artificially low by huge state subsidies. This trend causes market distortions.” Many topicsthose touched upon in the last speech of this legislature (2019-2024) which outlined the main priorities and initiatives for the year to come, with a point on the successes and results achieved bythe European Union in recent years.

von der Leyen “enlists” Draghi

The President underlined how they are three, in particular, are the challenges: work, inflation and the commercial environment which “come at a time when we are also calling on industry to lead the clean transition. We must therefore look forward and determine how to stay competitive while doing so. For this reason I asked Mario Draghi – one of the great European economic minds – to prepare a report on future of European competitiveness” von der Leyen said.

“We are staying the course on the European Green Deal. We remain ambitious. We maintain our growth strategy. And we will always strive for a just and fair transition,” von der Leyen said. “Our Union today reflects the vision of those who dreamed of a better future after the Second World War. A future where a Union of nations, democracies and people would work together to share peace and prosperity. They believed that Europe was the answer to history’s call.” “When I talk to the new generation of young people, I see the same vision of a better future. The same burning desire to build something better. The same belief that, in a world of uncertainty, Europe must once again respond to the call of history. And this is what we must do together,” he added. “As we enter the next phase of the European Green Deal, one thing will never change: we will continue to support European industry during this transition”.

From the Green Deal to migrants, the challenges

“Four years ago, the European Green Deal was our answer to history’s call. And this summer, the hottest ever recorded in Europe, has clearly reminded us of this. Greece and Spain were hit by devastating fires, and just a few weeks later were hit again by devastating floods. And we have seen the chaos and carnage caused by extreme weather, from Slovenia to Bulgaria and across our Union. This is the reality of a planet in turmoil.”

Migrant theme – “Our work is based on the belief that unity is within our reach,” ensuring “safety and humanity. An agreement on the pact has never been closer. Parliament and the Council have a historic opportunity to overcome it. We show that Europe can manage migration effectively and compassionately.” said the president of the EU Commission when launching the organization of an international conference on the fight against human trafficking.

And inflation?

So, a pass on the rise of inflation. “Christine Lagarde and the ECB are working hard to keep inflation under control. We know that the return to the ECB’s medium-term objective will take time,” said von der Leyen, highlighting the “major economic challenge” of “persistently high” inflation. “The good news is that Europe has started to reduce energy prices.”