Assogestioni, fundraising returns positive in December

It grows again collection of mutual investment funds in December. After a very negative 2023, in fact, in the last month of the year Assogestioni recorded an increase of managed assets of approximately 56 billion euros per year 2,311 billion of Euro. Also positive for the collection recorded during the month 1.79 billion euros in inflows.

“Supporting the increase in the masses was in particular the performance effect, quantified by the Association’s Research Office at +2.4%,” the Association explained in a note. According to the latest monthly report from Assogestioni, growth at the end of the year did not, however, avoid the 2023 a heavily negative performancewith outflows of 47.75 billion euros

Net collection and collective management

On the net collection front, support came from portfolio management, positive for +2.27 billion euros at the end of December, of which 2.21 billion relating to institutional management and 58 million to retail management. As regards the collective managementthe month of December saw a slowdown in outflows of open-ended funds compared to the previous month (-1.19 billion euros from -2.26 billion euros in November), while i closed-end funds they attracted 704 million euros of new capital.

Retail chapter

The cross-section of category a greater retail participation confirms the continuation of the trend of previous months, with i bond funds in positive for +1.83 billion euros, for a preliminary overall collection figure of +23.70 billion euros for the whole of 2023. The monthly readings of equity, balanced and flexible, which in December recorded 536 million, 1.17 billion and 1.57 billion euros in outflows respectively.

The ranking of managers

At the level of individual managers, there is a improvement in the performance of the Intesa Sanpaolo group (first player with assets of 490 billion euros, 22.1% of the total), which closed December with a slowdown in outflows to -2 billion euros from -3.7 billion in the previous month. November); a performance conditioned above all by open-end funds Eurizon (-2 billion), while it did well Fideuram (with inflows of almost 1 billion). Generali’s collection is positive again which records inflows of 725 million, after recording +1.7 billion on open funds and 1 billion in outflows on institutional management. Amundi is third in the rankingwith outflows of 1.4 billion to be attributed mostly to the negative performance of open-end funds (-1.15 billion).