Carnival frappe and desserts withdrawn from supermarkets

With two new warnings from the Ministry of Health, on 23 and 24 January 2024, the withdrawal from the supermarket of several batches of food products was communicated, namely frappe and dessert sold to the public, respectively reported for the presence of allergens (in the case of carnival sweets) and physical risk (in the second case).

Toblerone dessert withdrawn from supermarkets due to physical risk: the lots reported

On Tuesday 23 January the Ministry of Health published a recall which affected several packages of the Toblerone dessertproduced by Dessert Factory SA in Belgium and also sold in Italian supermarkets.

Specifically, the products were reported for “physical risk”i.e. possible presence of foreign bodies (plastic) in 180 gram packages.

The packages are those that fall within the production batch “133120016” expiring January 23, 2024, January 24, 2024, January 30, 2024, February 1, 2024, February 5, 2024, February 7, 2024.

Carnival Frappe sold in supermarkets recalled due to chemical risk

On Wednesday 24 January 2024, the notification of the Toblerone dessert was followed by another recall by the Ministry of Health, which also this time affected confectionery products, namely: the typical carnival frappe, withdrawn from supermarkets due to chemical risk.

In this case the Frappe Bianche are produced by Santangelo Group based in Terni (Via G. Natta, 22 – 05100), production lot L24006 and expiry date 05-20-2024, sold in 130 gram packs in flowpack trays.

The reason for the recall, we read in the ministry document, is attributable to the defective label, which exposes consumers to chemical risk due to the lack of indication of the following allergens: sulphites from wine, milk and mustard.

What to do if you have a product recalled by the Ministry of Health at home

Both in the case of Carnival frappe and in that of desserts, but in general this applies to any product, those who have purchased something which has then been recalled by the Ministry of Health – in addition to avoiding its consumption, especially if subject to risk – can return at the point of sale what was purchased, requesting a refund.

Food sector operators, therefore also supermarkets, have the obligation to inform its customers on the non-compliance found in the foods they place on the market and to withdraw the product from the market.

In addition to the recall, if the product has already been sold to the consumer, the store is required to carry out the recall that is, it must inform consumers about risky products, also through signage to be placed in the points of sale, and to publish the recall in the specific area of ​​the Ministry of Health portal.

The publication of the recall on the Ministry’s internet portal is the responsibility of the Region competent for the territory, which receives it directly from the food operator, following evaluation by the Local Health Authority. In addition to food product recalls, revocations of recalls following favorable test results, expiration or for other reasons are also published online.

Only the recalls and revocations published on the Ministry of Health portal are authentic and fulfill the consumer information obligations. The Ministry of Health is not responsible for notices not published on the portal and for any manipulation or falsehoods spread online, for which it reserves the right to report it to the judicial authorities.