Gorgonzola DOP recalled by supermarkets, listeria danger: several brands involved

New alert regarding a food rapidly withdrawn from Italian supermarkets. Although this happens quickly, it is predictable that some goods were sold before the “code red”. For this reason it is important to provide as much information as possible, in order to guarantee the necessary means to understand what is currently in your fridge.

Please remember that, in the event of purchasing a product that is subsequently recalled, following a directive from the Ministry of Health, it is necessary act in the following way:

  • absolutely avoid consuming the product, regardless of appearance;
  • return the purchased good to the point of purchase;
  • request a full financial refund or, alternatively, a replacement.

In this specific case, the alert this time was triggered for a listeria risk within different forms of gorgonzola DOP. Not a single brand in the crosshairs, which obviously increases the risk statistics for citizens. Below we report all the relevant information, including that relating to the dangerous batch.

Gorgonzola withdrawn: risk of listeria

Through the portal dedicated to “Safety Alerts and Recalls of food products by operators”, the Ministry of Health has established a microbiological risk for a batch of DOP sweet gorgonzola. A food recall that causes concernconsidering how the listeria danger concerns different brands.

Possible contamination inherent to whole cheeses. The ministry has turned its attention to a specific sweet gorgonzola DOP. The latter, however, is sold under different brands. It is believed there may be traces of listeriabacterium that generally attacks the immune system. Widely spread in the environment, it can contaminate various types of foods, such as milk and derivatives. By ingesting corrupt foods, symptoms such as fever, chills and muscle pain will appear, along with vomiting and diarrhea.

The recalled lot

As mentioned, adequately informing in such cases is of fundamental importance. Citizens need to know quickly which foods will go returned to the point of purchase. In this specific case, the brands involved in the withdrawal by the Ministry of Health, following reports of possible cases of listeria for sweet gorgonzola DOPare the following:

  • Palzola;
  • Sovereign;
  • RP;
  • Dolce&Blu;
  • Romanin

We talked about whole shapes, sold by different brands. This does not mean, however, that it is permitted to consume sections of this product. The sale may have occurred in half, quarter and eighth forms. All comes from the Palzola Srl companyalso indicated with the identification mark IT 0162CE.

Going into detail, only one batch was deemed contaminated, precisely number D16423A, with expiration date set for March 20, 2024. This should make it easier to locate. If in doubt, however, you can go to the point of sale and request detailed information.

The Ministry of Health, in the document released, highlights a risk of the presence of listeria M. inside the rind of sweet gorgonzola DOP. As mentioned, the symptoms are gastrointestinal in nature in adults without other pathologies. Generally the level of alarm is very low, considering mild symptoms in subjects considered healthy. In case of ingestion by at-risk individuals and children, however, the consequences could be more serious. In both cases, it is advisable to contact your doctor.