how it is transmitted, the symptoms

Ten people tested positive for monkeypox to Florence, with a real boom in cases in the space of a few hours. The cases emerged thanks to the report of a family doctor in Mugello who started the tests that confirmed the diagnosis. According to what emerged, from the first patient, a further nine infected people were discovered who had in common participation in one disco evening in the hinterland of the Tuscan capital.

Case alarm in Florence

A situation that needs to be kept under control, to avoid a series of spot infections that could cause a real emergency. A first outbreak of monkeypox occurs in Florence, with well 10 people who tested positive to the viral infection which manifests itself through skin rashes such as blisters and swollen lymph nodes as well as fever.

It was a doctor in Mugello who realized that something was wrong and who tested one of his clients and received a positive result for the virus. Hence the tracking of the possible infections which led to nine more positive cases.

Seven of the ten infected people have in common the participation in some events in a nightclub in the hinterland of Florence, frequented mainly by the homosexual community. From a clinical point of view, none of them cause concerne, but the Tuscany Region has already sent a report to the Ministry of Health, as expected for this type of disease.

Transmission and symptoms of smallpox

But what is monkeypox and how is it transmitted? It is a virus that belongs to the same family as smallpox, but is less serious. The passage of the pathogen typically occurs through physical contact with infected animals and is transmissible from person to person, through close contact with an infected individual who has already developed skin rashes.

Contact with her skin, even through sexual intercourse, can therefore trigger transmission which, in some cases, can also pass from an infected mother to the fetus during pregnancy or following birth through skin-to-skin contact . To date, there is not yet enough evidence to make a precise estimate of the duration of contagiousness of an infected person.

Between symptoms that can be blamed by patients who have contracted monkeypox are there fever And general malaise. Other manifestations can be i chills, asthenia, headache head And backache. The infection can also cause a enlargement of the lymph nodes and muscle pain.

Recent infections have also made it possible to estimate that the first symptoms appear between the first and third day after the appearance skin rashes which can degenerate into vesicles, pustules and crusts. These are very common symptoms that occur in more than nine out of ten patients. But lesions on the skin can also be sparse and involve only limited areas such as the peri-anal area or the genital area.

Other parts of the body such as the face, arms, hands, trunk, legs and soles of the feet can be affected by rashes.