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Imran Khan is the rejected darling of the establishmentLNU News

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LNAU posts,

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan tried to say old things in a new way in a recent interview. If Imran Khan’s interviews and speeches are observed carefully, it reveals that for a long time he was left with only a few topics to discuss and accuse. People go to new and new topics when he learns new things or tries to move forward by learning from past mistakes, but it’s very sad that Imran Khan doesn’t want to learn new things and they don’t want to forget the past and accept anything. Strategy for the future. The saddest thing in this case is the supporters of Mr. Imran Khan who keep saying it over and over again.

In an interview given to BBC Urdu, Imran Khan once again used his energy to repeat his old words and allegations. The conspiracy of Bajwa and PDM, the PDM government formed through horse trading and also that during his administration, milk and honey flowed in the country, while the current government created poverty, inflation and unemployment.

When Imran Khan was asked about his relationship with the new army chief Asim Munir and whether he tried to establish a relationship with the new military leader with the help of President Arif Alvi, his answer was that at that time his new one had no relationship. with military leadership. It seems that Imran Khan is telling the truth about expectations, because the current political decisions he is making show that he is still not satisfied with the establishment and by putting pressure on him, he will not be able to do anything else. There are two ways to build relationships. The resignation of the Punjab Assembly and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly seems to be a move by desperate and desperate political leaders who are desperate for mercy again. On the other hand, according to the informed circle, Mr. Imran Khan is trying hard to establish a relationship with the commander. The new army through President Arif Alvi.

Mr. Imran Khan said that the economy is going in the right direction during our government but the opposition political parties along with Mr. General Bajwa brought down our government. We do not understand what is our fault on the basis of collusion with Our government. In Pakistan, only Mr. Imran Khan does not know what his mistake is based on his government, otherwise everyone knows where the mistake comes from. Imran Khan’s condition became the epitome of this poem of Mir Taqi Mir;

Pata Pata Bota Bota The situation is ours to go
If you don’t know flowers, you don’t know gardening

Everyone knows how Usman Buzdar and Gogi Pinki gang have damaged the reputation and performance of laws and institutions of this country. Those who have little memory know how unemployment and inflation increased during the regime of Imran Khan. The country’s economy has been seriously damaged. His own supporters also cursed Bajwa Sahib and the establishment of Pakistan for the crime. lead this government. It has become a habit of Imran Khan that he should not admit his stupidity and mistakes and put the burden of his failure on the shoulders of others. Today, they have this shoulder available to them in the form of General (Rtd) Bajwa. Ba has begun to slow down from the burden of his accusations and he has also begun to respond to Imran Khan’s accusations.

Mr. Imran Khan said again in the same way that he along with Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said to Mr. Bajwa Sahib that if If your government is overthrown, political instability will occur in the country, which will affect the economy. Then the economy will not be managed by anyone and then it happens as we told Bajwa Sahib. Imran Khan himself has admitted many times that when he used to ask General Bajwa to prosecute the leaders of opposing political parties, Bajwa used to advise him to work on the country’s economy. If the economy is so good in Imran Khan’s regime, why does Bajwa feel the need to remain neutral during the no-confidence motion and take all the shame and make the government with a good economy? Imran Khan cannot accept the real reality. Economy is not Imran Khan’s priority. Their top priority is to exploit political leaders and prosecute them and put them in jail.

In an interview, Mr. Imran Khan also said that the law has been circumvented under the current government. Thieves in the government declared themselves above the law and exempted their theft. We are pressuring the government about the law. At the moment, two months for the election seems too long. We agree in the previous election because our economy is collapsing, the risk is increasing. We only have four billion dollars in reserves. Inflation and unemployment increased. According to his prediction, the current government will be forced to hold elections in April.

Although the current government does not manage the economy and is not effective enough, but the government is criticized for this failure, but Mr. Imran Khan did not say what kind of plan they have to support the sinking economy of the country. Or that the strategy they have but the current government is lacking. Why the magic lamp that Imran Khan has can not show miracles during his own government and what miracles will be done by returning to the government that will revive the economy of the country. In fact, nothing is the same. He just needs to switch to another like a young player. During his tenure, he changed the Minister of Finance again. Even now, if they can return, they will start again if, but because of the wally gangs that they did last time after coming to the government with the demand of economic solutions in 90 days. Everything can not be fixed in a trim. . Ghalib said;

If we live according to your promises, then this life will be a lie
that they would not die happily if they had faith

Regarding the current government, the speech repeated the same words that this government came through ‘auction’ instead of election. He alleged that Shahbaz Sharif’s government was based on horse-trading, where each MLA was bought with Rs 20 to 25 crore. Imran Khan has repeatedly made these allegations, but he has not been able to provide any evidence. About these accusations. If they are sure of horse trading and money laundering then why don’t they go to court with evidence.

In fact, Imran Khan is well aware of how the government came into existence through ‘the Foundation’. to bring them to power, along with the political regime, the country’s democracy, development and prosperity The house of the country is also stable. If Imran Khan looks at the people around him, he will be followed by Umar Gohar Ayub, Ghulam Sarwar Niazi, Asad Umar, Shafqat Mehmood, Pervez Khattak, Sheikh Rasheed and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, followed by Zaheerul Islam Abbasi, Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Faiz Hameed and the faces of many generals like Bajwa Sahib who organized the biggest political “auction” in history to force Imran Khan in this country and nation.

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