In which countries do you work the most? And in which less? Here is the OECD ranking

Who has never thought of “I’m working too much, I need vacation!“… but what are they actually? Countries in the world where people work the most? To answer this seemingly banal question let’s take the official 2022 data from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, known in Italy as OECD). These refer to the total annual working hours divided by the average number of workers in a year inside the 38 countries who are part of the organization.
Full time, part time and overtime are considered in the calculation while leave, holidays, illnesses, leaves, etc. are excluded.

The 5 countries that work the most

According to official data, in the top five positions we find mostly countries from Central and South America such as Colombia (2405 hours/worker per year), Mexico (2226 hours), Costa Rica (2149 hours), and Chile (1963 hours). Closing the ranking is an Asian country, La South Koreawith 1901 hours.
To get a more concrete idea of ​​how many hours there are, let’s consider that 2405 Colombian hours correspond to one weekly average of 45-47 hours per week, with a legal maximum of 48 hours from Monday to Saturday.

Village Hours per worker
Colombia 2405
Mexico 2226
Costa Rica 2149
Chile 1963
South Korea 1901

The 5 countries that work the least

In terms of average annual hours, the countries that work less are concentrated above all inCentral-Northern Europe. In fact, we have the first three places Germany (1341 hours), Denmark (1372 hours) e Norway (1425 hours), while just outside the podium we find Netherlands (1427 hours) e Sweden (1440 hours).

Village Hours per worker
Germany 1341
Denmark 1372
Norway 1425
Netherlands 1427
Sweden 1440

And theItaly? The Bel Paese with 1694 hours is located roughly in the middle of the ranking, al 22nd placeBetween Canada And Hungary.