Inflation, English pubs at risk of closure and extinction

The trend of inflation it has already complicated the daily lives of taxpayers far and wide, not just Italians. The unfavorable economic situation is about to reap an illustrious victim on English soila very foundation of British society.

Let’s talk about the pub, sacrificial victim of one long-term crisis triggered by Brexit. The data published by the National Statistics Office certifies the massacre of the meeting places par excellence of His Majesty’s subjects.

Why pubs are closing in Britain

In the first half of 2023 in England and Wales they closed their doors 383 pubs, at a rate of more than two a day. A number practically identical to that recorded in the first six months of 2022 (386), testifying to a negative trend that does not stop and which has suffered a further hard blow from the closures imposed during theCovid emergency. They currently remain almost 40 thousand pubs open and active (39,404)compared to over 55 thousand ten years ago.

The pub crisis also depends on change in customer habits, who continued to spend more time at home after the pandemic. The change has also affected tastes, with more and more English people preferring wine bar, choosing a glass of wine instead of a mug or pint of beer. To all this we add the effects of inflation, with record increases in energy and raw material costs and the large staff shortages experienced by restaurant sectors across Europe.

Here you will find the ranking of the most expensive Italian cities.

What will happen to pubs: the forecasts

Alone between April and June This year, as many as 230 pubs have closed down, compared to 153 closed in the previous quarter (between January and March). Some even were demolishedwhile others they have become homes, most are awaiting redevelopment. The winter of 2024 promises to be as critical as the previous one, with three-quarters of the venues still active that had chosen to reduce opening hours to contain the cost of bills of electricity and gas (here’s the nightmare autumn that awaits us).

The experts’ forecasts are far from optimistic: if the current trend continues, in 25 years English pubs will disappear completely. But there are associations that oppose such a scenario and propose a recipe to avoid the catastrophe.

Proposals to save pubs

In England, realities such as “Campaign for Pubs”a citizens’ association that proposes new rules for prohibit the demolition of a closed pub without special permission issued by the authorities. The final aim is to discourage the change of intended use, discouraging the increasingly usual transformation of the premises into a private home. A custom, this, inaugurated by real estate companies to remedy the chronic shortage of housing and building land on British soil. The vast majority of owners of closed pubs have decided to immediately cash in on the sums offered for the purchase and sale of the premises.

Furthermore, there are increasingly numerous requests from trade associations to the British government to include a regulation for the November budget tax reduction. Currently, a tax discount approved by the state chancellery is still in force until April 2024 cuts business rates by 75% (business rates in England, or non-domestic rates, i.e. taxes on the occupation of non-domestic property) for the current tax year. There is a request to renew the initiative, given that inflation will cause an increase in taxes calculated at around +6%.