IT-Alert, the latest simulation for specific risk in Lazio: when and where the test is scheduled

Tomorrow February 6, 2024 at 12:00 pm a new one is coming test for IT-Alert, the national public warning system being developed by the Civil Protection. The test consists of sending a pop-up with a text message it’s a audible alarm to all smartphones present in the municipalities surrounding the Collemezzo Dam: Ceprano, Arce, Saint John Assignment, in the province of Frosinone. Since this is only a test, when the sound alert and the text pop-up arrive nothing will need to be done; However, it is required to fill out a questionnaire after sending the message, both to those who have received it and to those who have not received it.

The text that will be sent is the following:

TEST TEST IT-alert test message. A SIMULATION of a dam collapse is underway in the area where you are located. To find out the message you will receive in case of real danger go to TEST TEST

Starting from December, the Civil Protection began testing IT-Alert for specific risk scenarios (nuclear accident, collapse of large dams, major accident in industrial plants) in limited areas where these scenarios can occur. In this case, the test simulates what would happen in the event of an emergency due to a dam collapse. The leakage of water could in fact cause inconvenience in the neighbourhood A1 motorwayon the railway line high speed Rome-Bari and in the regional line Rome-Cassino. In recent days similar tests have taken place for the Rio Canale Dam in the Marche and beyond IPLOM factory in Liguria.

The alarm simulation will arrive at all smartphones turned on and with a telephone signal present in these three municipalities, even if the data connection is not active (therefore they are not connected to the internet). In fact, the signal travels through telephone repeaters and not through the data network: this, among other things, guarantees privacy as there is no data transfer to or from individual smartphones.