it will be the year of quantum computers

What will they be technologies which will establish themselves more this year? This is the question answered by Globant’s Digital Studio Network which published the Tech Trends Report 2024, on trends in the use of technologies in the new year.

Finance, not just AI

“The technologies cand those that will establish themselves in 2024 will be those capable of having a measurable impact on the experience of customers, employees or on the advancement of the business,” said Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer of Globant. “The human impact has never been so crucial and the technologies that can support human beings to improve their abilities and quality of life will have a strong development”.

The year of quantum computers

The report, in particular, focuses on the five areas that will produce the greatest changes over the next 12 months and beyond:

Artificial intelligence. While large companies have focused on using AI to optimize costs and efficiency in 2023, the opportunity to use AI to dramatically improve customer experiences across all economic sectors remains largely unexplored . With access to countless AI tools, businesses will be able to improve results and resource management like never before. Organizations that have invested in AI in 2023 will use these applications to significantly differentiate the customer experience in 2024.

Quantum computers. 2024 will be the year in which companies begin to understand the potential impact of quantum computing on their businesses, but there will still be few who begin to invest in this direction. Data- and calculation-rich industries, such as finance and pharmaceutical research, are likely to be the first to move.

● Robotica. The robotics market will reach a peak of development thanks to artificial intelligence, which will make robots more versatile. In 2024, companies will begin to adopt robotics as a service (Raas: robot-as-a-service): many robots will not have a humanoid shape but will focus on the optimization of a single task, such as robots with wheels for deliveries. Robotics will also expand into the non-manufacturing space, the area where it has traditionally been used for automation and efficiency, affecting sectors such as hospitality and entertainment.

Blockchain. Blockchain will remain a critical technology for some specific industries. The implications for digital identities and data security will keep blockchain at the center of the conversation about reinventing the technology, but it won’t truly take off until governments and public bodies support its interoperability.

Metaverse. Despite some reports to the contrary, interest in immersive 3D experiences remains strong. We will see continued interest in the metaverse in 2024, with interest peaking in the first quarter, coinciding with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. Major players will continue to invest heavily in the space, with the goal of bringing people together daily with immersive experiences.