John Elkann in the suspect register

The spotlight is back on Agnelli family for the age-old question of Margherita’s inheritance conflict Lambs with the family and his lawyers, for which the existence of fiscal irregularities is also suspected. This hypothesis involves three subjects including John Elkann, President and CEO of the holding EXOR, the family financial company, and President of Stellantis (formerly Fiat).

The investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office

There Turin Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the hypothesis of tax irregularities on the part of three subjects: John Elkann, son of Margherita and nephew of the lawyer Gianni Agnelli and Marella Caracciolo; the accountant Gianluca Ferrero, trusted man, historic family accountant and currently also president of Juventus; the Swiss notary Urs Robert Von Gruenigen who had looked after the legacy of Gianni Agnelli.

The entries in the register of suspects would have been made by the magistrates following a exposed presented by Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen through her trusted lawyer Dario Trevisan.

The hypothesis being investigated is that of tax irregularities in relation to annuity that Margherita paid to her mother Marella for 15 years as part of the 2004 settlement agreement, since according to the lawyers’ reconstructions, the actual residence of the mother Marella Agnelli would not have been in Switzerland, but in Italyand therefore the taxes should have been paid in Italy.

The origins of the story

It all began with the death of Gianni Agnelli, in 2003when upon the opening of the will she was ousted from the inheritance paternal, in favor of his first three children born from his first marriage: Ginevra Elkann, John Elkann and Lapo Elkann. In 2004 a was found settlement agreement, with which Margherita renounced her paternal inheritance in exchange for 1.3 billion euros.

I agree that Margherita contested in 2019upon the death of her mother Marella, who left her three grandchildren John, Lapo and Ginevra Elkann as her only heirs.

Focus on family trusts

The reason why Margerita would later contest the succession agreements is to be found in the activity of the family trustswhich is being investigated by private investigators and now also by the Financial Police, on a mandate from the Turin Prosecutor’s Office, which apparently acquired part of the documentation from a notary’s office.

In summary, Margherita would suspect that a part of the paternal and maternal assets would have been hidden to the heirs and also to the tax authorities. And for this reason, investigations have been underway for years to reconstruct its perimeter. This also emerges from the documentation taken from a proceeding initiated in Switzerland against Morgan Stanley, which was later archived the existence of various offshore companies based in tax havens. Marella Caraccioro was even indicated as a beneficiary for four of these companies (Bundeena Consulting, Silver Tioga, Layton and Sikestone), while for others reference was made more generically to the family.