Neuralink, the first implant installed on a human being. Elon Musk: «Promising results»

Neuralink installed his first Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in the skullcap of a human patient. This is the news Elon Musk, founder of the neurotechnology company, in a post on X (formerly Twitter). The goal of Neuralink is to help, through devices implanted inside the skull, patients suffering from various neurological pathologies Of interface with electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers simply through thought, collecting data on activation pattern of the neurons inside the brain.

According to the South African-born entrepreneur, the patient who underwent the first human test of Neuralink is recovering and the first results seem promising: the implant – called Telepathy – would be detecting the activity of the patient’s neurons.

After the green light from the FDA in May and the recruitment of volunteers in September, they are therefore testing has officially begun of Neuralink implants on humans, which promise to interact with electronic devices directly via neuronal activity, with potentially important applications in the medical field.

neurallink disassembled

The operation took place via a robotcalled R1who installed the implant with a needle thinner than a human hair.


Already in recent months Neuralink had started to to experiment their own chips on animals: an example of this is the case of Pager macaque which, thanks to the systems installed, he had managed to play to the famous video game “Pong” issuing commands directly through your own brain activity. During the phases of animal testing however, the US company has attracted the criticisms of a large number of activists who accused the company of having violated theAnimal Welfare Actor the law which determines how scientific researchers can perform experiments on animals.