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President Alvi urged people to treat communities with different abilities equallyLNU News

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LNAU posts,

President Dr Arif Alvi Friday emphasized the need for urgent nationwide efforts to create a favorable environment and ensure the participation of persons with physical and mental disabilities in all areas of society as honorable and respected members.

The President expressed this opinion while chairing a meeting to facilitate for persons with disabilities (PWDs) at Aiwan-e-Sadr.

Attending the meeting were Minister for Zakat, Ushr, Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Empowerment Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Anwar Zeb Khan, Special Assistant of Sindh Director of Empowerment Department of DAP, National Registration Database Authority President Muhammad Tariq Malik, Chairman. Senior officials of the Ministry of National Health, Regulation and Coordination, Department of Social Welfare of Punjab, Sindh, KP & Balochistan, Department of Primary and Secondary Education of AJK, Department of Labor and Human Resource Development of Punjab, and representatives of NAVTTC, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, Directorate of Special Education, Islamabad, NIRM, WHO and NADRA.

Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Khalid Khursheed Khan also attended the meeting through video link.

During the meeting, the President called on the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Federal Government (FEPT) to play a leading role and propose a national curriculum for the provision of targeted education and quality and skills that are in line with the market for people with different expertise (DAPs). Systematic discussions with stakeholders including provinces, international organizations, NGOs and private organizations to set a world-class direction for both public and private educational institutions, in addition to defining teachers differently. The ratio of students in schools.

He also emphasized the registration of skills that can lead DAPs to maintain their disabilities which may include sign language, Braille, software development, business establishment and sales of products and services online, in addition to creating a repository of DAP compatible equipment. Includes SOPs, skill register, disability specific reading, research and reference materials and should be made accessible to DAPs across the country.

He emphasized the need to develop an expedited system for mass registration of PWDs across Pakistan so that accurate data can be obtained for planning and other interventions.

The President praised NADRA for its dissemination for the registration of DAPs in the country and emphasized that the authority should introduce a telephone information system and user-friendly registration in the country for DAPs and their family members to create information about the location and nature of disability and later. Assisting the relevant departments to issue them with disability cards while ensuring maximum facilitation to DAPs. The information generated will help the government to formulate real and meaningful policies, strategies and action plans for presenting DAPs as full and dignified members of society.

He stressed on developing an out-of-bounds solution for complete registration of PWDs as the current number of registrants with NADRA around 600,000 is low compared to the estimated number of DAPs in Pakistan which may exceed 20 million.

The President emphasized the consultation of provinces, organizations, private sector, NAVTTC, TEVTA, Council trade and industry and stakeholders with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and related international organizations to find Knowledge and expertise to improve the database system, develop the world. Courses, registration of skills related to disabilities, adoption of the world’s best practices for bringing to DAPS, their barrier-free movement providing assistive technology and world-class synthetic body parts, promulgating new laws and improving existing ones, and complying with the quota of DAPs. job..

He said that a comprehensive and comprehensive media campaign involving social media and traditional media should be published. To provide education and information to DAP organizations about their rights, and to educate family members, nearby villages Neighbors and society in general about their responsibilities and obligations. DAPs after setting up a system that focuses on DAPs and responds such as mapping DAPs in different areas of disability and their skill levels, registering advantages and incentives offered to them, and clear employment opportunities open to them in the public and private sectors.

He said that all public and private organizations are responsible for providing jobs to DAPs according to the quota from 2-5% by creating useful jobs and special benefits Disabled people. He said that charity-based recruitment methods should be discouraged because such recruitment does not give honor and dignity to the employees and also has no value for the organization.

The meeting participants suggested different solutions for the introduction of DAPs. The President suggested that the next meeting should be held in 3 months to recognize the Based on the decisions that have been reached, review the progress and improve the activities in the future. Future to ensure the use of DAP in all aspects of life. Expeditious but meaningful and quantitative.

While outlining the facilities provided by NADRA to PWDs, the NADRA Chairman said that all PWDs have been issued administrative type CNICs (Computerized Identity Cards) with International Disability Logo with lifetime validity on top priority without having to wait in queues. He said NADRA has also created a biker service to provide registration services at the doorsteps of PWDs.

He said children aged 9-18 years have been issued youth cards, while NADRA has also selected PWDs who have completed the compilation of a list of 121 million voters.


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