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PTI was allowed to hold a meeting in Faizabad in Rawalpindi, but what?LNU News

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PTI was allowed to hold a rally in Faizabad in Rawalpindi, but…

Rawalpindi (Pakistan Daily Online) The city administration has allowed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf organized a rally in Faizabad with 56 conditions, the notification was also issued.

According to the private TV channel “Jeo News”, the Rawalpindi authorities issued a rally permit to PTI with 56 conditions, including The most important condition and the first condition is that PTI must organize a rally in Faizabad on the night of November. 26. To be transferred, according to the notice, the British cricket team will go to Rawalpindi to play, while Allama Iqbal Park will not be used for staff.

According to the news, the district administration has also issued an order for the police in Lava Pindi to take security measures. A necessary risk for the demonstration, but any death is the responsibility of the assembly management. , the notice also added that the slogan against the state is will not be allowed to have and implement the traffic plan issued by the police Traffic will be guaranteed and at the same time the use of drone cameras will not be allowed. Allow all.


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