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Sangrur recorded most of the agricultural fires, but Amritsar has burned more areasLNU News

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LNU News

Even as Punjab has recorded a high number of hay burning incidents to date compared to last year, the state has seen some 6.37 lakh hectares (15.74 lakh acres) of rice area burned as of November 3 this year.

According to Punjab Remote Sensing Center (PRSC), Ludhiana, the state has about 28.52 lakh hectares (70.44 lakh acres) under rice cultivation this year, of which 22% of rice acreage has burned as of November 3.

According to the report, as of 5 November, Punjab had witnessed 29,400 fire incidents compared to 28,792 to 5 November 2021. Last year to 5 November, Punjab had witnessed 6.86 lakh hectares (16.95 lakh acres) of burned area.

At 4,257 fire incidents recorded as of November 5th, Sangrur tops the list for the number of agricultural fires, Amritsar district tops the list of burned areas, with only 1,437 fire incidents, a third of Sangrur fires.

In Sangrur, out of about 2.12 lakh hectares of rice fields, the district burned 70,350 hectares (1.74 lakh hectares) 33% of the total area as of November 3. Amritsar, which has 1.81 lakh hectares under rice, has burned 68,760 hectares, or 38% of the district’s total rice field area.

With a burned area of ​​32%, Tarn Taran is third. The district has burned 59,690 hectares of around 1.84 lakh hectares of rice fields and has seen 2,912 fire incidents. Kapurthala burned 34,900 hectares (29%) of 1.19 lakh hectares, Ferozpur burned 41,730 (25%) hectares of 1.67 lakh hectares, Jalandhar burned 34,000 hectares (25%) of 1.66 lakh hectares, Gurdaspur burned 36,000 hectares ( 22.5%) of 1.60 lakh hectares, Patiala burned 47,260 hectares 2.20 lakh hectares (21%), Mukatsar burned 32,600 (19.5%) hectares 1.67 lakh hectares, Bathinda burned 33,000 hectares (19%) of 1.73 lakh hectares, and Ludhiana burned 36,290 hectares (14%) covering an area of ​​2.58 lakh hectares.

Meanwhile, several districts have recorded more than double the area burned under rice this year compared to last year.

Bathinda saw only 15,000 hectares of area burned as of November 5 last year compared to 33,000 hectares this year to November 3. Muktsar also saw a 40% increase in burnt area with 32,600 hectares this year compared to 19,710 hectares last year on the same date. Mansa recorded 7,340 hectares of land burned last year compared to 24,800 hectares this year.


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