savings plans arrive in the app

The economy continues to be one of the main concerns of global public opinion in 2024 and 70% of the world population expects inflation and interest rates to be higher than in 2023. This is what emerges from the latest edition of theIpsos Global Predictions SurveyDespite that, optimism for the next year Is increasing and 7 out of 10 people, almost 6 in Italy, think that 2024 will be a better year than the previous one. Green light, therefore, to the list of good intentions and desires, but whether it is a house, a new car, a trip, the beginning of a course of study or simply setting aside a small nest egg for your children or grandchildren, optimism is not enough, especially in a uncertain economic and geopolitical moment like the current one. Develop good saving habits and choosing the most suitable financial instruments for your needs is essential to achieve the set goals.

Technology and investments

Here because XTBa global fintech offering an online investment platform and mobile app, is using its proprietary technology to making long-term passive investing more accessible and convenient.

The company just improved its ETF-based product with a new feature which allows investors to regularly top up theirs Accumulation Plans. Additional funds are automatically invested in line with the preferred allocation set by the client. “Among the possible solutions for financing your future projects – underlines Gaia Zerbola, Partnership Marketing Manager of XTB Italia – accumulation plans are the ideal choice for building wealth in the long term. By paying even small sums at regular intervals, investors can take advantage of compound interest and benefit from the gradual growth of their investment over time. Another advantage of savings plans is that they help you maintain commitment to your goals, avoiding the temptation to spend your money elsewhere.”

Savings plans within the reach of an app

Following the recent launch of non-investment funds interest rates, XTB continues to grow its footprint passive investment. ETF-based Savings Plans have just gained a new feature that allows investors to determine how often and how much money they want to invest.

THE recurring payments have been made available in the XTB app and customers in Italy can now regularly top up their individual wallets by setting up a preferred cadence (daily, weekly, monthly) and a payment method (credit card, bank transfer or funds available in your XTB account). Additional funds come invested automatically based onpreferred location within a single ETF portfolio. Thanks to this improvement, long-term passive investing has now become even more convenient and faster as it allows investors to put their capital to work automatically.

Investments without unnecessary costs

“Thanks to the introduction of recurring payments and automatic investment functionality, we have taken passive investing to the next level, now making it automated and more convenient for our customers,” added Gaia Zerbola. As part of the Accumulation Plans, customers can create up to 10 wallets comprising up to nine ETFs each. The auto-invest feature must be set up individually for each portfolio and can be canceled or changed at any time in the XTB app. In line with XTB’s overall offering, there is a 0% commission on investments in ETFs and setting up and maintaining the Accumulation plans are free. This means that the investment grows without the drag of unnecessary costs.