Taralli withdrawn from the market, food alert from Lidl

Numerous batches of taralli had to be immediately recalled. Lidl and its supplier have removed the classic flavor Certossa multipacks from the shelves. The food alert was triggered, also published on the Ministry of Health website. Below we explain in detail what happened and why, to date, the product is no longer for sale.

Allergen risk

The well-known discount chain Lidl had been communicating the recall of various batches of products for weeks multipack taralli Certossa, classic taste. The warning then reached a much broader level after the publication of thealert on the Ministry of Health website.

However, it is necessary to underline the motivation behind all this. After carrying out a self-check, the presence of socia and mustard allergens. The underlying problem, however, is represented by the fact that both were not indicated on the label.

A serious risk taken, with immediate recall of the packs of 8x50g (400 g) and those in XXL format, 10×50 g (500g). The production of the taralli in question, included in the distribution of Lidl Italia, is the result of the work of the company Naturpuglia Srl. Plant located in Andria, in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani.

Other food alerts

As the holiday season approaches, it is especially important to pay attention to what is placed in your cart. Italians usually engage in large expenditures in this last month of the year, as per tradition.

In this scenario, however, it would be appropriate to regularly check the latest food alerts published on the official website of the Ministry of Health. A way to keep your family safe by staying away from certain products. Although checks are mandatory and withdrawals are often sudden, it is easy to think, in fact, how some packages could end up in shopping bags.

According to recent examples, there are no categories more affected than others. It’s necessary However, pay attention mainly when you push yourself to make unusual purchasescompared to your norm. For this reason the holidays represent such a risky period, since we tend to eat in a more varied way and in larger quantities.

A recent example is that of fish spade frozen. Two Lodi brand lots collected directly from the manufacturer: Xiphias galdius sashimi 50/80. The reason was the possible presence of mercury beyond the limits established by law.

At the end of November, however, three batches of Marron Glaces branded Esselunga TOP, sold in packs of 250 grams. The alarm mainly concerned people allergic to sulphites and sulfur dioxide.

Although several days have passed since these alarms announced by the Ministry of Health, many may still have these packages at home. It is therefore important to highlight the risk involved. Some had been withdrawn as recently as November Seared and frozen Indo-Pacific shrimp tails under the Coop brand and beyond.

The ministry is constantly updated and visiting its pages should be a general habit. Obviously, having found the presence of products indicated by the notices, you need to bring them back to the storereceiving a refund or a shopping voucher to spend in that point of sale.