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The great painter Abdul Rahman Chaghatai and flying kites –LNU News

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LNAU posts,

The name of Abdul Rahman Chaghatai needs no introduction. In the art of painting, he presented Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Mughal and Punjab life with such continuity and perfection that he called the oriental painter. The images of Chagatai Sahib are present in world famous art galleries.

Today is the anniversary of this great painter. He died on January 17, 1975 in Lahore. The ‘Logo’ of Pakistan Radio and Pakistan Television is an example of Abdul Rahman Chaghatai’s creativity and artistic excellence.

Abdul Rahman Chaghatai, the great painter of Pakistan, opened his eyes in Lahore on September 21, 1897. After passing the painting examination from the Mayo School of Arts Lahore in 1914, he learned the secrets and secrets of painting from Ustad Miran Bakhsh. And then at Mayo School. Participated in vocational training. In 1919, when he participated in the Indian Art Exhibition, the reception of his art encouraged him. A lot. He then submitted his artwork to the Calcutta magazine “Modern Review” for publication, which was very popular. Thus, Chagatai’s first artwork appeared in 1919 and his arrival in the world of painting was also heard. Chaghatai Sahib has taken different styles and methods of art in this art and it has become so famous that this style has been named “Chaghatai Art”. He made the poetry of Iqbal and Ghalib memorable with his art. This effort of his became unique to Chagatai Sahib and distinguished among his contemporaries. Critics have called Chaghatai Sahib the founder of two traditions, which were based on Turkish, Iranian and Mughal paintings on the one hand and Bengali art based on Indian paintings on the other.

On the anniversary of Abdul Rehman Chaghatai, we are quoting some memories from the book of Riyaz Ahmed which will be a source of love for you. He wrote:

“Chaghatai Sahib did not accept any payment for the creation of the cover. He used to do this work with the intention that the zakat of his art would come out. Whatever he received from all over the continent before the partition of India, he respected it and. The cover was made and sent.

John, it is unknown. I have seen many people surprised by this. He did not believe that Chagatai Sahib would actually make the cover of his book. And that’s free too! People think they will ask for at least several thousand rupees.

Chagatai Sahib also likes A. Used to fly a special white kite. If the direction of the wind is towards our house, we will know that Chagatai Sahib has completed His hobby as soon as we saw his kite.

Sometimes I used to ring the bell on the door when I was asked by Abaji (Nazir Ahmad Chaudhary) to make the cover or as promised he got the cover. He would open the window of the third floor and look down, see me and close the window and come down the stairs. He used to do this when there was something to explain about the cover. Otherwise, the cover was kept in snuff and hanging down. They used to buy vegetables in the same way.

Chagatai Saheb has no problem. He usually wears banyan and dhoti. In the end they used the method, perhaps for convenience, not to use paint on the cover. They used to tell me: “Riyadh, if the block is done, take four or six proofs, then I will use color.” Where are you from? There is a press on the front. “I would say: “Yes, better.”

They were happy to see the well-hidden cover and applauded generously. If there is a difficulty in creating a block, they will recognize it immediately and mark it.”


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