the lots affected and what to do

Foreign bodies in his croissants. Conad was forced to withdraw several packs of its Conad brand croissants from supermarkets after a report received. Below are the lots affected by the recall and what to do if you have purchased them. On its website, Conad explained that, “following reports of the presence of foreign material adhering to the surface of the product”, several production batches produced for Conad by FBF SPA were recalled

The withdrawn Conad croissants: the lots

Here are the lots affected by the recall:

  • Apricot croissants 300g EAN 8003170046160
  • Classic croissants 240g EAN 8003170004153
  • Croissants with chocolate cream 300g EAN 8003170046177
  • Croissants with custard 300g EAN 8003170021433

What to do if you are purchased

What to do if you have purchased one of these products? All customers who are in possession of a package of these lots, and only these, are invited to bring it back to any Conad sales pointwhere the amount paid will be replaced or refunded.

This withdrawn product has not yet been indicated on the Ministry of Health website. We remind you that this is an obligation for you OSAThat must immediately report the recall to the Region of belonging.

Where to find information about product withdrawals and recalls

Both recalls and food withdrawals are published on the Ministry website. Just yesterday it had been the case of a type of Carnival frappe withdrawnHowever, at the beginning of the year the withdrawn tuna caused quite a stiror due to possible presence of histamine.

Food sector operators, the so-called FBOs, have the obligation to inform their customers of the non-conformity of the products placed on the market and to withdraw the product from the market. In addition to the recall, if the product has already been sold to the consumer, the FBO must also carry out the recallthat is, it must inform consumers about risky products, including with ad hoc signs and warnings in points of sale.

You must also take care to publish the recall in the specific area of ​​the Ministry of Health portal. The publication of the recall on the Ministry’s internet portal, as mentioned, is the responsibility of the Region competent for the territory, which receives it directly from the OSA, following evaluation by the Local Health Authority.

These are notices with which the Ministry informs citizens in the event of dangerous foods when the measures adopted by the OSA and subsequently by the competent authorities may prove not to be entirely sufficient to safeguard the health of the consumer, such as when buying online foods or food supplements containing dangerous substances. Safety alerts are also triggered in the event of an outbreak of a foodborne illness.

In addition to food product recalls, they are also published online any revocations of recallsfollowing favorable test results, expiration or other reasons.

As the Ministry of Health itself clarifies, only the recalls and their revocations published on the Ministry of Health portal are authentic and fulfill the consumer information obligations. The Ministry is not responsible for notices not published on the portal and for any manipulation or falsehoods spread online, for which it reserves the right to report it to the judicial authorities.