The Mahabharata in miniature with the brush of a Muslim artist LNU News


The fifth volume of 500 paintings is dedicated Bhagavad Gita published by Niyogi Books in 2019.

These radiant miniatures painted by Bakshi accompany almost every story in every chapter The Mahabharata and have no precedent in Indian art tradition.

In these paintings, the focus is not on heroic posture and spiritual pride, but on the pain the earth and its creatures suffer when humans tragically fail to fulfill their purpose. dharmaloosely translated as moral obligation.

The images in the paintings are symbolically charged, their colors are clear and bright, their lines are restrained and precise.

Each of Bakshi’s paintings, with details of the costumes of the characters, background flora and fauna, depiction of magical and mystical events, is a joy in miniature.

In the original “Note on the Text,” the authors write: “We hope that readers will find in these miniatures an exciting dialogue between the verbal and visual imagination of the poet and the painter; between the splendor of Vyasa’s epic and the vision of Allah Bakshi, who utilizes an endless array of images, designs, and colors to offer his own discovery of the moral truths in the old fables.”


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