Uncommon voices: who broke every singing record?

Humans have invented all kinds of tools, but it’s the voice the oldest, most powerful and versatile tool we have available, capable of doing truly incredible things. But what are its limits? Listed here you will find the people who have pushed their voices beyond all boundaries, so much so as to enter the Guinness World Records.

The highest note reached by a woman

The highest note ever produced by a human voice dates back to 2004 and it is due to the Italian naturalized Brazilian singer Rossana Monti (aka Georgia Brown), which broke the record of Mariah Careywith a Sol 10 so high that no traditional musical instrument is able to play it! Brown he also has another recordthat of maximum vocal range for a womanbeing able to scale fluidly from a very low G 2 to the already mentioned Sol 10 (exactly 8 octaves).

The highest note reached by a man

The highest vocal note reached by a man is that of Amirhossein Molaeia very young Iranian who in July 2019 won the record with a very high f sharp 8. A note so high that you can even converse with dolphins!

The lowest note reached by a woman

The record for the lowest vocal note reached by a woman dates back to February 2021, and was conquered by the Canadian Joy Chapmanwith a C sharp 1 truly incredible.

The lowest note reached by a man

The record for the lowest vocal note reached by a man dates back to 2012, and belongs to the American Tim Stormswith the lowest note evera G –7, that is, 8 octaves below the lowest G on the piano. Storms is not only known as the man with the deepest voice in the world, but also for having the widest vocal range (10 octaves). Storms said:

The older I get, the more I can lower my pitch: my lowest note can only be heard by elephants!

The longest continuous vocal note

Who has never tried to hold the same note continuously for the longest possible time? However, it is difficult to do it like the American Richard Finkwhich broke records in November 2019 by singing the same note for 2 minutes 1 second and 7 hundredths of a second. It is appropriate to say that this man has “lungs of iron”.

The mezzo-soprano of records

In 2018, Smilyana Zaharievaa Bulgarian mezzo-soprano specializing in folk music, broke every record with the strongest vocal note achieved by a mezzo-soprano, reaching the 113.8 decibels of intensity. In an interview you stated:

I realized I had a gift when, while singing, people got so emotional they started crying.