Which Covid rules to follow at Christmas: the risk of contagion increases

What to do at Christmas to ward off the risk of Covid infections? Official rules no longer exist, which leaves everything in the hands of individual citizens. No control from above, which generates a certain alarmism regarding the protection of fragile subjects.

Below we report what are now recommendations, in order to spend the holidays safely. If it is true that the pandemic is over, according to the WHO, the risk of contagion remains high. There circulation of the virus has returned to high levels and Christmas, with the gathering of relatives and friends, could seriously worsen the situation. As proof of this, the Ministry of Health has issued a circular which orders hospitals to proceed with the Covid swab incoming to symptomatic patients.

How to protect yourself from Covid at Christmas

As has been the case for three years now, in the most delicate periods, fortunately the voices of the experts are once again being heard. In this case the epidemiologist Gianni Rezza spoke to The messengerproviding useful and potentially life-saving advice.

One above all might seem so obvious as to be useless, but it isn’t at all. Since obligations have vanished into thin air, even a sentence like this has a specific weight: “If we have a fever, it is a civic duty to stay at home”.

However, today circulation is allowed even with Covid. Faced with the certainty of being positive, in fact, no one forbids leaving one’s home even just for pleasure. It would therefore be appropriate to give up celebrating in groups in the presence of symptoms.

This also applies to those who tested negative: “Tests, especially DIY ones, can be wrong. You could also have the flu, which if transmitted to an older person can cause just as many negative consequences as Covid.”

What is asked, therefore, is precaution. We recommend carry out the swab test before a family gathering for Christmas, in case you feel unwell or have a cold. It would be appropriate to proceed in this direction close to the meeting.

And who will have to travel to reach their loved ones? “If you have to reach another city for Christmas, traveling by train, plane or bus, it may be useful to wear a Ffp2 mask during travelespecially if you encounter the elderly and frail.”

Covid: what to do in case of contagion

The invitation from the medical world to get immunized remains, but the vaccination campaign never took off. Rezza recalled that there is still time to administer the doses boosters. Especially useful as a reinforcement of the immune defenses in subjects with particular chronic conditions and high risk of hospitalization. However, it is difficult to think that general distrust, together with the unwillingness to manage any post-injection effects in view of the holidays, could push anyone to move in this direction.

In symptomatic cases, use paracetamol to counteract fever, headache and arthromyalgia. The president emeritus of Simg, Claudio Cricelliexplains: “In subjects at high risk, especially in the absence of vaccination or recent boosters, early initiation of specific therapies with antivirals available to general medicine. That is generally allows the infection to be resolved”.

What about antibiotics? We know well how in Italy we are linked to it: “In the presence of viral infections it is from avoid inappropriate use of antibiotics, cortisone and oxygen”. The indications from months ago remain current, with remote monitoring remaining the first medical intervention in the case.