Why do some e-cigarettes smell like “farts”? The possible chemical explanation

Surely some of you have heard one unpleasant smell of flatulence after a person next to us has switched on an electronic cigarette. To be clear, we are talking about those cigarettes containing tobacco that fit inside a device electronic, the so-called heated tobacco cigarettes or HTP (Heated Tobacco Products). This type of electronic cigarette is not suitable to confuse with the “I vape“: the latter in fact do not use tobacco cigarettes but a flavored liquid. But why does this happen? Why does so much flatulence smell develop from some heated tobacco cigarettes?

Let’s start by saying that these specific electronic cigarettes Not they burn the tobacco, so it doesn’t happen combustion. In fact, there is usually a resistance that warms up the tobacco at a temperature between 250 °C and 350 °C, without burning it. At these temperatures, so many organic substances pass from solid to gaseous state, including the nicotinewithout burning.

Now, one of the molecules that you could develop and that could be responsible of the characteristic odor of flatulence is the 3-methylindolecommonly called box. This smelly organic substance is typical of I did human and, in general, it is produced by bacteria in the’intestine of mammals. Specifically, bacteria decompose the tryptophan (a amino acid present both in the proteins vegetables That animals) and transform it into boxprecisely an organic substance with a characteristic odor.

chemical transformation of the electronic cigarette box stinks

In our case, this transformation chemistry it could happen Also inside the electronic cigarette: when let’s touch the electronic cigarette, we are inevitably transferring on the device i bacteria present on our hands. These bacteriathen, they can attack the little ones residues Of tobacco present in the “room” where the cigarette is inserted: therefore the tryptophan from the proteins of the tobacco is slowly transformed into box.

As soon as yes will light up the electronic device, the box product will begin to evaporate (without burning) thanks to the high temperatures (the boiling temperature of skatole is 265266 °C) and, reaching our noses, will make us perceive a terrible smell of I did And flatulence. As soon as the whole box has evaporated, the smell will no longer be perceptible: in fact, many people say that the smell is only noticeable at the beginning of the cigarette and that after 2 or 3 puffs it disappears and is replaced by that of heated tobacco .

So, heated tobacco e-cigarettes might smell like farts due to bacteria from our hands and tobacco residue. But what could be done to prevent e-cigarettes from smelling like flatulence? With hygiene: cleaning the electronic cigarette well after each use e making sure that they do not remain residues of tobacco inside.

Here, this is one possible explanation why some types of heated tobacco products can smell like flatulence. It is necessary, however, to underline that still Not There are Education scientific to support this hypothesis: there are no scientists who have analyzed The smoke of these electronic cigarettes with specific instruments to determine their chemical composition. In fact, in addition to boxmany others could be developed substancesincluding molecules containing sulfur. In any case, if articles appear in scientific journals, we will be happy to disclose their contents.