Medical expenses, in Italy in 2024 one in two families will not be able to support them

Inflation in Italy In the 2024 also affects the medical expenses of families, forced, in one case out of two, to give up treatment because they are unable to pay for it. This is the very unreassuring data that emerges from the latest edition of the Altroconsumo Thermometer which has the main purpose of analyzing the “temperature” of the economic situation of Italian families. The one who will feel the blow the most in 2024 in relation to medical expenses is the middle class, with wages remaining substantially stable and prices, however, increasing. The phenomenon appears to be decidedly more marked at Central-Southwhile the impact is less in the Northern part of the country.

Medical expenses in Italy in 2024

The right to health expressly provided for by the Italian Constitution seems to suffer – quite a bit – from the strong phenomenon inflationary which has been of interest to theItaly and the rest of the world. According to the Altroconsumo study, which took a sample of 3 thousand Italians as a reference, well one in two families would not be able to sustain them medical expenses necessary. What prevents treatment is often the high cost of visits medicalas well as that of dental care.

Medical expenses are incurred less in the Centre-South

It is also very interesting to note the geographical distribution in Italy of the difficulty in supporting medical expenses. The phenomenon, not surprisingly, is more marked in the areas of the country characterized by lower incomes and where the middle class suffers the most from strong inflation. The peak of the inability to bear the costs necessary for visits and treatments is recorded in Umbria, Campania And Calabria. Fortunately there are also cases that raise the average in the southern area of ​​Italy, with regions such as Sicily which record indices not very far from those of the North.

The inability to pay medical expenses is, however, significantly less marked at Northwest, with families therefore finding it less difficult to deal with the costs of visits. Especially in Liguria, Lombardy And Piedmontfamilies are well able to counteract the inflationary phenomenon and are not forced to give up medical care.

The data emerging from the Altroconsumo analysis reveal, once again, an Italy that on the sanity goes at two very different speeds between North and South.

Medical expenses, which families have the most difficulty in supporting them

The Altroconsumo Thermometer also allows you to draw theidentikit of Italian families that in 2024 they find it more difficult to deal with medical expenses That they need. In addition to the geographical location described above, the qualification and the level of economic well-being of family members. Where both partners of a family are graduates, in fact, minor difficulties are recorded in dealing with medical expenses, while the problems are mainly recorded in cases in which the members have not obtained a university degree or have high levels of education. lower than those of secondary school.

It also has a lot of influence Number of person that make up the family unit: as this figure increases, in fact, more marked difficulties are encountered in supporting medical expenses. To try to summarize, those who are unable to cover medical expenses in Italy in 2024 are mainly large families, in which the partners do not have a university degree and who live in the Central-Southern regions.