Why do they say “be as healthy as a fish”? Are fish really that healthy?

essere sano come un pesce perche si dice
“Be as healthy as a fish” it’s a way of saying common that we often use to indicate a healthy ...
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Why do we call the inhabitants of Germany “Germans” and not “Germans”?

perche chiamiamo tedeschi germani
To define the inhabitants of Germany let’s say “Germans” and not “Germans”, a seemingly strange thing given that we call ...
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History of Pompeii, from the foundation in the 8th century BC to the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD

storia di pompei
Pompeii was most likely founded by the Italian population of osci around the8th century BC In the first centuries of ...
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February 30th really existed. Here’s the story of when it was put on the calendar

30 febbraio
The February 29as a general rule (with exceptions), falls every 4 years; The February 30thHowever, did he ever exist? Incredibly ...
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The tribe that lives in freediving: the Bajau “sea nomads”.

When we hold our breath, whether voluntarily – as while singing or underwater swimming – or involuntarily, we are said ...
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What inspired the science fiction cycle of “Dune” and the planet Arrakis?

ispirazione reale dune e arrakis
Dunes it’s a series of science fiction novels created by Frank Herbert capable of selling millions of copies worldwide and ...
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Colombia will explore a sunken galleon with billion-dollar treasure

galeone spagnolo tesoro colombia
The government of Colombia announced a few days ago that it will finance one submarine mission in the Caribbean Sea, ...
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What are the mini pockets and metal buttons on jeans (rivets) really for?

a cosa serve taschino jeans bottoncini metallici rivetti
What is the lowercase for? pocket inside the right pocket of jeans? And i rivetsthat is, those metal buttons in ...
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Is Fleximan doing us a favor or putting us in danger? Analysis of speed cameras and road fatalities

Fleximan autovelox morti in strada analisi
The Speed ​​Cameras they were created with the intention of reducing road speed to avoid accidents and road deaths. Speed ...
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The remains of the grave robbers’ tunnels used in the Villa of the Mysteries since the 1980s have been discovered in Pompeii

scoperti tunnel tombaroli pompei
TO Pompeii a new discovery has occurred, this time an unflattering one. The takedown of two illegal buildings (a restaurant ...
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