What is it like to live in the city with the most murders in the world? Cape Town 30 years after apartheid


3000 murders a yearthis is the data that makes it Cape Townin South Africathe city which, according to various rankings, has the highest number of murders in the world in absolute terms. All this in the country of the Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandelato 30 years away from the end ofapartheidthe politics of racial segregation of the black population put into practice by a small white minority from 1948 to April 27, 1994.

For the occasion we invited the editorial staff Pablo Trinciajournalist, author and podcaster, as well as protagonist of Being Human: The Scars of Cape Town – A Journey by Pablo Trinciadocuseries Sky Original produced by Sky Italia And Sky TG24 and made by Middle Chora which can be found and seen on Sky and streaming on Now. You can watch the interview in the video above. Below you will find the topics we have explored in depth.

Pablo told us the failure of the South African dream to give life to a Rainbow country: today socio-economic divisions are even more evident than a few decades ago and the povertythe crime and the violence they are very widespread, so much so that they create a palpable sense of insecurity even in cities like Cape Town. There police public is reduced to the bare bones and often corrupt and security is increasingly in the hands of private companies. Hundreds of gangsmore or less organized, control the blocks of township of Cape Town and often wage war out of a pure sense of identity and contrast with other groups. The company is now anesthetized against murders, kidnappings and crimes in general e life has almost no value anymore. In such a context it is therefore very difficult to talk about hopedespite the efforts of a few people trying to mediate between the warring parties.