The “Thermonator” robot dog with flamethrower which costs 9000 euros: video and features

Credits: Throwflame.

The world of technology sometimes gives us rather bizarre “pearls”. He is an example of this Thermonatorthe robot dog created by the American company Throwflame (specialized in the creation of flamethrower solutions, as you can easily guess from its name), clearly inspired by Spot, the famous “robo-dog” created by Boston Dynamics. Unlike the latter, however, Thermonator is also equipped with a powerful ARC flamethrowerwhich can be powered a gas or napalm. This “bizarre” quadruped is sold at the price of 9420 dollars (at the current exchange rate just over 8700 euros) with free shipping to the United States.

The video and features of the Thermonator robot dog

On the robot dog's sales page, the company advertises it with the following copy:

Thermonator is the first robot dog armed with a flamethrower. This quadruped is paired with the ARC flamethrower to provide fire on demand anywhere!

The robo-dog designed by Throwflame features the following technical features:

  • Autonomy: Approximately 1 hour of use.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Weight: 17 kg approximately.
  • Dimensions: 76.20cm x 50.80cm x 50.80cm.
  • Other notable features: laser pointing system and possibility of FPV control (therefore with the use of a viewer).

As can be appreciated from the video released by Throwflame, the robo-dog is quite agile and agile and is even capable of performing small high jumps.

What could a robotic dog with a flamethrower be used for?

At this point it is necessary to try to give an answer to a question that arises spontaneously: What purpose could a flame-throwing robot dog possibly serve? Given the danger of the product and the financial outlay required to purchase it, it must first be said that it is not suitable for civil and domestic uses. As you can well imagine, in fact, in many countries (including Italy) It is not legal to purchase and possess such weapons. In the USA, Thermonator may be available for purchase in the 48 states where owning a flamethrower is legal.

However, Throwflame's robot dog might find some use in some very specific situations. The most intelligent use that comes to mind concerns the use of Thermonator by fire fighterswho could use it to enter areas affected by forest fires without endangering human forces to burn areas with which to apply the counterfire technique.

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