On WhatsApp you will soon be able to send messages to other apps: since when and what has changed

whatsapp interoperativita
Soon Whatsapp will allow users to interact with other instant messaging appstaking advantage of the so-called interoperability. It was she ...
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History of the elevator: did you know that the first one perhaps dates back to the 3rd century BC?

storia ascensore
The elevators – including goods lifts – are present almost all over the world andItaly is among the countries in ...
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Advertising arrives on Prime Video from April 9th, to avoid it €1.99/month more: here’s why

amazon prime video pubblicita
Films and TV series available via First VideoAmazon’s streaming service, will include a limited number of advertisements starting from April ...
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How the electronic cigarette works: how much it hurts and the difference with the traditional one

sigaretta elettronica come funziona fa male
There cigarette electronicsalso called I vape or e-cigunlike what you think, it is definitely less harmful from the cigarette traditional. ...
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Goodbye to Whatsapp on some smartphone and iPhone models from Thursday 29 February: which ones and why

whatsapp popolare
According to rumors reported by some Italian media, starting from Thursday 29 February 2024 the messaging app Whatsapp may stop ...
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Is it true that you have to close open apps on your phone to save battery?

chiudere app smartphone
But is it true that too many background apps negatively impact the performance and battery life of your smartphone? You ...
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The map of the 4 submarine cables that the Houthis allegedly sabotaged between Europe and Asia

houthi cavi sottomarini
Glu Houthis, the Yemeni group supported by Iran which entered into the conflict between Israel and Palestine alongside Hamas, would ...
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ChatGPT passes the Turing test. The study: «Personality superimposable on the human one»

chatgpt supera test di turing
ChatGPT-4the most recent and advanced version of the artificial intelligence chatbot produced by OpenAI, would have surpassed for the first ...
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Why is junk mail called “spam”? The origin of the term

With the term spam is indicated in computer jargon receiving messages, calls or unwanted emails For mainly commercial purposes or ...
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Is it better to turn off the laptop or put it on standby when we stop using it?

spegnere portatile o stanby
When you no longer need to use it, Should the laptop be turned off or left on standby? According to ...
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