The new New Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is more agile than a human being: here is the video

Credits: Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics recently presented New Atlasthe new generation of the humanoid robot of the same name Atlas – designed in 2013 for saving humans – who only a few months ago had demonstrated his incredible athletic abilities. New Atlas is an improved version of its predecessor in terms of Force And agility thanks to new electrical components (the robot has abandoned hydraulic joints and is equipped only with electric actuators) and an advanced artificial intelligence system. In the video recently released by the company it is possible to see how New Atlas manages to make movements beyond human capabilitieswith a fluidity of movement surprising. Boston Dynamics' goal is to market New Atlas on the market: a goal that is probably still far away, but in the short term the robot will be tested in factories Hyundai for the production of cars.

After the marketing of Spot And Stretchthe US company has chosen to present a new leading representative in the humanoid robot sector.
This sector is currently in turmoil, as demonstrated by the fact that various large companies in the tech sector are chasing each other with launches and presentations: in this regard we remember how just a few weeks ago even OpenAI had presented Figures 01a humanoid robot that implements AI-based capabilities ChatGPT.

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Boston Dynamics, the company that builds some of the most advanced robots in the world

Like OpenAI, Boston Dynamics also focuses heavily on the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence: the new robot is equipped with instruments of machine learning to improve understanding of the context within which it moves. In this sense the company declares:

We have equipped our robots with new artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, such as reinforcement learning and computer vision, to ensure they can operate and adapt efficiently to complex real-world situations.

Since 2021, Boston Dynamics has been controlled by the South Korean automotive company Hyundai. For this reason, the first implementations of New Atlas will take place within the factories dedicated to it automotive production:

This journey will begin with Hyundai: in addition to investing in us, the Hyundai team is building the next generation of automotive manufacturing capabilities and will serve as the perfect testbed for new Atlas applications. (…) Similar to the launch of Stretch, we will work with a small group of innovative customers, starting with Hyundai, to test and iterate Atlas applications over the next few years.

Furthermore, the US company has planned the development of a software called Orbit which serves as centralized controller to streamline fleet management activities in the case of purchasing multiple robots.

Boston Dynamics official site: New Atlas Boston Dynamics Orbit