Boom for the carbon neutrality market: revenues doubled

The global powerstaking advantage of the excellent market forecasts, are trying to take action by pushing companies to change course, in order to reduce emissions in the shortest possible time. In the USAthe Department of Energy invested more than $23 million And in Europe? The United Kingdom alone has allocated a total of 80 million pounds. In Italyhowever, 59% of companies have an ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) committee and aim to increase their “green oriented” investments.

The “carbon emissions alert” launched by The Guardian

“The nation that destroys its own soil destroys itself”: with these words Franklin Delano Roosevelt expressed a concept that has never been so relevant. It's about the environmental well-being, increasingly put at risk by pollution, climate warming and, specifically, carbon emissions. About this, The Guardian launches a real one “carbon emissions alert”, according to which, in the year 2023, the hottest on record, the same emissions played an extremely important role. In fact, in order to avoid even drier and more worrying scenarios, it would result It is essential to eliminate carbon emissions by 2034.

The main global powers are taking action

Given the situation, the main global powers are trying to take action with cutting-edge measures and targeted investments. The first confirmations in this regard come from GlobeNewswire, according to which the global carbon neutrality market, fueled by investments and sustainable projects of companies, has reached 10 billion in revenues in 2022 and will double its turnover, reaching 20 billion by 2031 with a compound annual average growth of 8%. Going into more detail, in the USA the Department of Energy, according to what was indicated by ESG News, has invested over 23 million dollars in order to reduce emissions across the entire continent in the shortest possible time. And in Europe? The only United Kingdom, according to Sustainaible Future News, has allocated as much as £80 million to local companies to push them to abandon expensive fossil fuels in favor of cleaner alternatives. And in Italy? As many as 6 out of 10 companies (59%) have an ESG committee and aim to increase their green-oriented investments.

The top 10 in decarbonization

Which country is most attentive to the issue? World Economic Forum he made one top 10 putting the first place Sweden, followed by Norway and from Denmark. Within the ranking, the sixth position is occupied by another Northern European country: Finland, where it stands out KONEa multinational active in the production and maintenance of elevators, which has become the first in its sector to create zero-emission production units of carbon globally. “In 8 out of 10 factories we have replaced forklifts with electric systems – states Giovanni Lorino, CEO of KONE Italy & Iberica – adding that solar panels have been installed in 9 production units and all have purchased 100% renewable electricity since the beginning of 2023”.