Large recall of Soresina milk due to anomalous taste, the same one recalled by Esselunga

Another recall affected the milk fresh from the Soresina Dairy which, after the one suffered from the shelves of Esselunga, has to deal with the withdrawal of its product from other Italian supermarkets. Once again, in fact, a critical issue is reported with milk, both pasteurized whole and partially skimmed, due to “anomalous taste”.

But from which supermarkets has the milk been withdrawn and what to do? This was made known by the Ministry of Health, with a detailed warning note on the seven products recalled.

The lots affected by the withdrawal

Through a seven-page document, the Ministry of Health announced the recall of Soresina milk. This is the same one that was the protagonist of the recall from Esselunga shelves, sold in the whole pasteurized and partially skimmed line.

The most recent recall note also concerns the same products, but calls other supermarkets into question. These are Unes, Migross, Carrefour and Iper. The products concerned are the same, produced by the Latteria Soresina company in Via dei Mille, with the plant's identification mark IT 03 171 CE.

Specifically, these are:

  • High Quality Whole Pasteurized Fresh Milk – 1 liter PET bottles, produced for Unes Maxi (Viale dell'Industria 1, 20055 – Vimodrone, Milan);
  • Partially skimmed fresh pasteurized milk – 1 liter PET bottles, product for Carrefour (GS SpA Via Caldera 21, 20153 Milan);
  • Partially skimmed fresh pasteurized milk – 1 liter PET bottles, product for Migross SpA (Via P. Vassanelli, 21/23, 37012 – Bussolengo, Verona)
  • Partially skimmed fresh pasteurized milk – 1 liter PET bottles, product for Iper SpA (Via Ponchielli 7 – 20129 – Milan);
  • Partially skimmed fresh pasteurized milk – 1 liter PET bottles, product for Unes Maxi (Viale dell'Industria 1, 20055 – Vimodrone, Milan).

All products have the same expiry date, 9 May 2024. The warning is not to consume the product and to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased and contact the “courtesy service”.

The clarification from Soresina

But what is happening at the factories in via Dei Mille in Soresina, where the milk of the company of the same name is produced? The company said that the recalls were requested for precautionary purposes, because even if consumed the milk would not cause any health problems.

Specifically, it would be a organoleptic problem, with the raw material having been altered causing the milk to taste bad. And the batches affected by the recall are exclusively those produced in a single day, i.e. all those found on supermarket shelves with an expiry date of 9 May 2024.

The Ministry's attention on food safety

As mentioned, food safety is put first by the Ministry of Health which monitors as best it can the quality of products sold in supermarkets. Specifically, this mechanism is possible thanks to food sector operators (FBOs) who have the obligation to inform their customers of the non-conformity found in the foods they place on the market and to withdraw a product from the market.

In addition to the recall, if the product has already been sold to the consumer, the FBO must carry out the recall, i.e. it must inform consumers about the products at risk, also through signage to be placed in the points of sale, and publish the recall in the specific area of ​​the portal of the Ministry of Health.