On WhatsApp it will be possible to organize events for groups and communities: what is the new function

Credits: Bastian Ricciardi, via Unsplash.

On Whatsapp it will be possible to create events For groups And Community without having to leave the messaging app Half. This was announced by WhatsApp itself on its official website: it is currently in the testing phase Events, a type of content that can be shared directly via chat in WhatsApp groups and communities. Thanks to this new function it will be possible to organize group events in a coordinated way, for example dinners, get-togethers, parties and so on, but also group meetings with a maximum of 32 participants, a functionality already provided in other applications such as Skype or Google Meet. The timing for rollout of the functionality have not yet been declared, but it is highly probable that the release in the stable version of the app will take place shortly, given that this functionality has already been present for some time in the beta versions of the app and everything suggests that it will be available for both Android and Apple iOS terminals.

An example of an Event. Credits: WhatsApp.

Events will be identified by a name, location and time and will be reported via a specific bannerwith which users of the group or Community will be able to interact by confirming or not their participation, suggesting changes and receiving notifications in the days or hours before the event to remind guests to participate. Each event will then be characterized by a comments section thanks to which participants will be able to express their own opinion willingness to participate or any suggestions to the organizer. Moving communications regarding events to a specific section has the aim of facilitating the organization of the event itself and avoiding the typical disorder that occurs in groups when a shared decision has to be made. This is of particular importance for users who manage communities within which there are dozens of groups to coordinate.