Trump, 37 million for the primaries: multinationals behind the last election

Donald Trump's campaign officials said they had collected $37 million for the primaries this year, but who are the financiers? The latest financial movements are not very clear, however we know today who contributed to his previous run for the presidency of the United States.

Trump running in the American primaries: 37 million raised from supporters

The updated numbers were provided by Politico: for his run in the American primaries and the electoral campaign in view of the next elections, former president Donald Trump's team claimed to have $37 million in the banka considerable sum and definitely much higher than that of his Republican rivals in the race.

It must be said, however, that it is not yet clear exactly how much the presidential campaign actually raised in total because the data for the third quarter of fundraising was not provided. The official numbers will be released after the January audit. However, many media are following the news according to which the total amount raised would be 45 million dollars.

Another thing we don't know precisely now is who exactly are the people and organizations that are contributing, but we can try to get an idea of ​​who they are Trump supporters starting from the multinationals that financed his electoral campaign in the previous election.

The multinationals behind Trump's latest election

OpenSecrets, on the other hand, which is a non-profit organization based in Washington that tracks and publishes data on the financing of US political campaigns, collected the contributions received for Trump's campaign in 2020, identifying the multinationals that have invested more in 2020.

Here are the main donors:

  • Las Vegas Sands with $45,010,542;
  • Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse Treatment & Research with $45,005,600;
  • America First with $37,416,082;
  • Walt Disney Co with $10,589,052;
  • Laura & Isaac Perlmutter Foundation with $10,500,000;
  • Energy Transfer LP with $10,033,580;
  • Marcus Foundation with 10,000,000 dollars.

Then we find:

  • Eshelman Ventures LLC with $7,000,000;
  • GH Palmer Assoc with $6,005,600;
  • Hendricks Holding Co with $5,007,548;
  • Uline Inc with $4,093,701;
  • Pulse Biosciences with $4,005,600;
  • Stephens Inc with $3,520,490;
  • Blackstone Group with $3,034,030;
  • Mountaire Corp with $1,500,100;
  • Irving Moskowitz Foundation with $1,300,000;
  • Beal Bank (Employees) with $1,109,555;
  • Cerberus Capital Management with $1,087,624;
  • RDV Corp with $1,034,369;
  • Intercontinental Exchange Inc with $1,018,537.

Furthermore, perhaps not everyone knows that in 2020 Donald Trump never made donations for his re-election, that is, he never spent his personal money but found many multinationals willing to write him checks. Forbes, for example, has identified 133 super rich donors who contributed to his previous campaign.

Trump's tycoons, who collectively make up about 14% of all American billionaires, tend to fall into a few specific categories. Many were longtime Republican mega-donors, such as gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson, who died in January, and his wife Miriam. Others knew Trump from his business days, including Texas banker Andy Beal and casino king Phil Ruffin. About a quarter of them earned in finance and investing, more than any other sector. About 10% got rich in real estate, while roughly the same percentage made a fortune in the energy sector. Most of them came from three states: New York (19%), Texas (19%), and Florida (13%).