unobtainable and sky high prices

The Dengue alarm does not only concern the medical aspect. As incredible as it may seem, in fact, there is an economic and social issue to take into account. It's about the spray repellent, which could become the new disinfectant gels and ffp2 masks. Difficult to find on the market and with prices already skyrocketing. A real condition in Argentina and beyond, which could overwhelm Italy in summer 2024.

Dengue in Italy

The spread of Dengue cases in Italy is certainly not breaking news. The latest recorded are related to province of Perugia, specifically to the municipality of Magione. The mayor talked about it Giacomo Chiodini on social media, explaining how a couple contracted this disease abroad.

“The state of health is good, even if there are symptoms and the tests have identified the presence of the virus. An extraordinary disinfestation will be carried out to eliminate any mosquitoes, the only potential vector of the infection”.

To this will be added a specific treatment to control the larvae in the days following disinfestation. All this could turn into a new normal with the arrival of the warmest months of the year and, obviously, the increase in tourist travel.

Although no alarmism should be generated, it is important to remain on guard. Because of this we report the symptoms: fever, muscle and joint pain, headache and a rash somewhat similar to that of measles.

On the hunt for mosquito spray

Covid-19 has taught us how there are no limits to speculation. While Italy imposed the use of masks in order to leave the house, their number was certainly not enough to guarantee the national requirement. Today we find ourselves still having them crammed into the house, the surgical ones, the ffp2 and maybe even particular models purchased for example to play sports and “breathe better”.

An incredible turnover, come on branded and sponsored products on social media from influencers, to small retailers, who at the time they doubled and tripled prices. This is precisely what is happening in Argentina, and not only, with the unobtainable mosquito spray.

Since the beginning of 2024, there have been more than 163 thousand cases and 149 people have died, with an alarming rate among those over eighty. The disease spreads especially in areas with tropical and subtropical climates and, taking into account climate change, the concern about the months of July and August in Italy is understandable.

All this led to the demand for mosquito repellents is skyrocketing. A 300% increase which caused the packaging of each brand to disappear from all stores. Until a few weeks ago the price was 5.30 euros, about. Now the cost range has definitely changed, reaching over fee 36 euros online.

The result? Real trips across the border (to Uruguay) to grab a rich supply, and do-it-yourself solutions. During Covid, how many explained how to wash and disinfect the mask at home for prolonged use? Others instead made them from scratch with the products purchased. In Argentina, in the case of Dengue, there are those who proceed to spray insecticide on their clothes, putting their health at risk.

Mosquito spray in Italy: what will happen

In the hope that the alert in our country does not materialize, it will be good to be aware of this further risk. As usual, the rule should be: don't panic. There was no need to empty supermarket shelves in 2020, as some did, and there will be no need to spend 40-50 euros on mosquito spray. Better to buy some, stock up a little and wait for it to become available again.

Buying pallets means depriving others of this support. At the same time triggering panic and, in fact, a social trend, it would offer green light for bad guys who intend to exploit the situation to their advantage. Where there is a shortage of product and a sharp increase in demand, not only does the price rise but the jackals come out of their dens. This normally happens with tickets to the most anticipated concerts, which generate a secondary market. It happened right during the pandemic with the Playstation 5 and it will happen again, if we allow it.