already four bodies frozen in Switzerland

L'hibernation of one's body, also known as cryopreservationit arrived in Europe thanks to a company founded in 2019 by the German doctor Emil Kendziorrathe Tomorrow Biostasis. This is the first clinic on the Old Continent to provide this type of service, with the structure located in Rafza small village of 4 thousand souls in the Canton of Zurich in Swiss. The cost of hibernation is very high, with the facility currently already having four bodies.

Hibernation in Europe

The company that first in Europe offers a service hibernation and the Tomorrow Biostasis which aims to “reverse death” or, as its founder Emil Kendziorra says, “build a world in which people can choose how long to live, regardless of where they are, who they are and their financial resources”. The project of cryogenically freeze bodies affects recently deceased people whose bodies are stored in cells filled with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees temperature. There are currently four bodies in Rafz's clinic, with the founder's hope that medical advances will bring them back to life in the future.

How hibernation occurs in Europe

The hibernation process only interests people deceased, which must not have been dead for more than an hour. The time factor, in fact, is very important to avoid incurring cell death of the organism. This process is slowed down by Tomorrow Biostasis operators who, once death has occurred, transport the body in a particular ambulance equipped with a ice tub. Chest compressions are performed on the corpse and oxygen is administered via a breathing mask. Once you reach Rafz's clinic, the staff takes care of drain the blood of the deceased and, in its place, a antifreeze mixture and chemical substances necessary for the preservation of organs (so-called vitrification). Once all these steps have been carried out, the body is immersed in liquid nitrogen, at almost minus 200 degrees, and stored in a steel cell 3 meters high. The entire process is carried out without the use of electricity.

How much does hibernation cost in Europe

The cost of hibernation offered by the company Tomorrow Biostasis it is undoubtedly not low, even if 400 people are already enrolled in the program. Two types of services are provided, the whole body cryopreservation and that of the solo brainwith insurance coverage prices changing from 200 thousand to 60 thousand EUR. The aforementioned 400 people pay a monthly fee of 25 euros which, from 15 June 2024, will rise to 50. Those enrolled in the program are mostly men aged between 25 and 45 active in the fields of consultancy, science, medicine, information technology and engineering.

Doubts about hibernation

THE doubts related to the practice ofhibernation there are many at the moment, given that there is no certainty that medical developments can lead sleeping bodies to wake up. It is not known, for example, for how much time the bodies will remain hibernated, with the founder of Tomorrow Biostasis stating on the subject that “perhaps it will take 100, 300, 500 years before it is possible to revive, heal and rejuvenate a human organism”. And again, according to many medical experts the vitrification process of organs can lead to them being damaged, just as it is not known what technique could be used to thaw the bodies. However, the practice arouses interest given that they have been cryopreserved around the world from 1967 to today 500 peoplewith a waiting list of 5 thousand people.