Assoreti, 2.4 billion euros raised in January

The activity of Consulting networkscarried out in the first month of the year, determines a total net collection of 2.4 billion of Euro. The flow of resources predominantly involves the administered component of the portfolio: the balance of movements in securities is positive for 1.5 billion euros while the net resources placed in current accounts and deposits amount to approximately 1.2 billion. The monthly balance sheet on the products of managed savings is, overall, negative for 226 million as a consequence of the outflows experienced by the insurance products.
“The volume of savings entrusted to our Associates continues to increase constantly; the demand for consultancy is progressively growing and the greater orientation towards direct investment in securities is confirmed during the month”, declared Marco Tofanelli, General Secretary of the Association.

Managed savings

In the context of managed savingsthe insurance sector continues to record the prevalence of outgoing flows with the involvement of all types of policies; the negative collection of 352 million is in fact attributable to traditional life insurance policies (-180 million), at unit linked (144 million) and also to multi-sector products (-28 million).

On the other hand, the balance of the results was positive social security products with net payments of 119 million euros. The balance of movements carried out on collective and individual asset management was essentially in balance.

The direct distribution of shares of mutual investment funds translates into monthly net volumes of 7 million euros. Investment choices reward funds bonds on which a positive net collection of 686 million euros was achieved; however, redemptions from funds prevail equity (-303 million), from those balanced (-337 million) e flexible (-69 million). The net collection achieved on individual asset management amounts to 1 million euros as a consequence of a balance of resources between the Gpm (34 million) and the Gpf (-33 million).

Administered savings

In the context of titles, the prevalence of investments in government bonds, on which net collections amounted to 766 million euros. The balance of movements is also positive for i equity securities (291 million) and the exchange traded product (231 million) as well as for certificates (48 million) and corporate bonds (25 million).

Assoreti’s 2023

At the end of 2023 the heritage of savers, followed by the financial advisors of the associated intermediaries, reached the 785.1 billion of euros highlighting a growth of 12.3% compared to the value observed at the end of last year (698.9 billion). The growth levers are found in the collection volumes achieved in the year, which account for 6.3pp, and in the effect market performance financial companies contributing 5.8pp; the impact of the changes to the survey perimeter was marginal (+0.3pp).

There overall valorisation of the financial/insurance/pension component of the portfolio has thus reached i 668.6 billion euros (+15.8% y/y), representing 85.2% of the portfolio (+2.6pp y/y); of these, 492.7 billion were invested in products managed savings (62.8% of the portfolio; -3.2pp y/y) and 175.8 billion in administered financial instruments (22.4% of assets; +5.8pp y/y).