Foods recalled, the Ministry recalls six products in two days: microbiological and chemical risk

The Ministry of Health reports on its official website the documents relating to food product recalls. The last few days have proven to be quite challenging, considering what has been published on the platform. Specifically, between March 5 and 6, they ended up in the crosshairs three types of chips produced by the same company, one put on the market by a different company and two multigrain bars of the same brand. Let’s see in detail what to know to protect yourself in the event of purchasing one of these reported products.

Chips recalled

There are various lots of chips Chips in an envelope collected from the premises of all retailers, supermarkets and more. A total of three notices published on March 5 on the Ministry of Health portal. The reference goes to three different flavors of chips LaLa brand. Let’s talk about LaLa Fish Salt Vinegar Chips, Chips Lala Fish Sweet Chili And LaLa Fish Cracker Classic Chips.

The recall dates back to February 15, 2024 and the reasons are as follows: “chemical risk”. Reference is made specifically to the use of a food coloring not allowed. The actions of the manufacturer Newton Food Philippines are under accusation. The ministry provides further information on the product, offered for sale in 100 g packs. Anyone who finds one of the three flavors indicated at home will have to bring everything back to the shopkeeper, obviously avoiding consumption. You will therefore be able to receive a refund or, if desired, a voucher for the amount spent.

On March 6, however, a notice was published regarding the withdrawal of a similar product, however belonging to a different company, Jack & Jill. It’s about the chips PH Chips J&J Chiz Curlsoffered on shelves with packs weighing 55 g.

The procedure remains the same, avoiding consuming what was purchased, if this is the case, returning the chips in the bag to the shop. It will be possible to request your own money and in no case can the option of a shopping voucher be imposed on the citizen.

In this case, look at the manufacturer Universal Robina which, like Newton Food Philippines, has its factory in the Philippines. A product with the presence of has arrived on our market food coloring not allowedpromptly blocked on March 4, 2024.

Bars withdrawn

The situation changes considerably regarding the other two products promptly withdrawn from the market by the Ministry of Health. No more chips, but multigrain bars. The alarming difference, however, does not concern the product itself but the type of risk that triggered the seizure of the batches.

The notices were published on March 6 but the withdrawal occurred the previous day. The brand in question is Cerealitalia and, unlike the bagged chips indicated, this is an Italian-based company, precisely a Frigento (AV). The ministry contacted the manufacturer, Cerealitalia IDSpA, in order to clarify what happened.

We talk about microbiological risk for the following products: Multigrain bars – classic flavour And Multigrain Bars – Extra dark chocolate flavour and coconut. The reason is the suspected presence of pests: “Consumers who have purchased packages belonging to the indicated batch are asked not to consume the product and return it to the point of purchase”.