Gemini arrives on Gmail and Docs: what we can do with Google AI

As anticipated during the latest marketing events, Google has finally implemented the ability to use Geminiits generative artificial intelligence model, within apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet for increase productivity helping us in managing workflows, for example by helping us in drafting emails, texts and slides, or summarizing long documents or email exchanges directly within the apps themselves. This novelty effectively brings AI to Google’s Workspace suite, a bit like we recently saw Microsoft do with Copilot.

The service is currently rolling out in the US and in English, so we can’t use it in Italy yet unless you move your IP to the USA via VPN. Since the release is official, however, it is only a matter of time before it is also available in our country. To request access to Gemini Advance in the Google suite, a subscription to the new plan is required Google One AI Premium at the cost of €21.99 per monthwith a free trial period of two months, which also includes one 2 TB cloud storage.

Inside Gmail we can ask the Gemini assistant to write emails starting from a brief description, also deciding whether to use a more or less formal tone. Artificial intelligence will also be able to give us real-time suggestions and summarize long conversations via email using bullet points that highlight the most relevant information. The same happens in Google Docsthe Google alternative to Microsoft Wordwithin which we can request to review parts of a document to the assistant and get advice on how to improve our papers. Because Gemini is integrated directly into apps, you won’t need to go out from them to call up and use the assistant.

As for the privacyGoogle said that the data entered into Gemini they will not be transferred to external companies in any way to train its artificial intelligence systems without explicit consent from the user.