Here’s the trick to telling if a world map is old or updated: look at Sudan

Do you want to give a gift globe or you have to use one map for study or work and you want to be sure that the representation she’s not old? Then just follow a simple trick: look at the State of Sudan, in Africa (found south of Egypt). In fact, to understand whether a planisphere, a political map or a world map shows the states in an updated way, the simple observation of the African country is usually sufficient to clear up any doubts. From the 2011in fact, Sudan it split following two bloody civil wars and separated into two different countries: in the central-northern part of what was once Sudan, there is what remains of the Sudan; in the southern part of the territory, however, the Southern Sudanto all intents and purposes the youngest state in the world recognized internationally.

sudan and south sudan old maps

Knowing this information, that’s it. If on a map, a world map or a planisphere you still see the Sudan in fullmeans that the representation is old. Consequently, do not use it or give any object in question as a gift, unless you want to give a “vintage” gift. On the other hand theabsence of South Sudan it may depend on three factors:

  1. The representation is prior to 2011.
  2. The performance is after 2011, but who made it he is not competent on the matter, given that he used an outdated source to produce it.
  3. Whoever created the representation deliberately did not include South Sudan for one political question (maybe he is a supporter of unitary Sudan).