Mozzarella for pizzerias recalled, chemical risk due to high bacterial load

The Ministry of Health portal is promptly updated with notices of products withdrawn from the market. The types of alerts can be very different and it is advisable to consult it from time to time. We also often proceed to report products to bring back to the store, if already purchased, must absolutely not be consumed. This is the case, with lots of Mozzarella for Pizzeria results seriously at risk.

Removed mozzarella

Several batches of Pizzeria Mozzarella have been withdrawn from circulation. In fact, the Ministry of Health specifies how they did not comply with the protection of consumer health. In general terms, we talk about “chemical risk”.

However, the portal also offers a document which goes into the details of the case. This is Mozzarella for Pizzeria, bearing the manufacturer's brand Fattorie Marchigiana Cons. Coop. Agricultural, with a production plant in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, precisely in Colli al Metauro. Here are the lot numbers recalled:

  • L2411300;
  • L2411400;
  • L2411500.

It is important, in such cases, to offer as much information as possible. Think about it expiration, which represents an easy recognition element for these lots. Let's talk about 22, 23 and 24 May. At the same time we also point out the formats placed under seizure: 1kg and 2.5kg.

Chemical risk and what to do

As mentioned, the batches of Mozzarella for Pizzeria rapidly withdrawn from circulation present a chemical risk. The ministry document specifies that there are actually two reasons for the recall. The first is the suspicion that the products present a high bacterial load, with reference to the raw material used for processing. Another suspicion is related to the use of unauthorized substances.

The ministry does not go into further specifics. In fact, it does not explain what substance we are talking about. At present these are only suspicions, which will obviously be followed by laboratory tests. However, just one suspicion is enough to trigger the withdrawal from trading. It is crucial to protect the health of citizens. Having said that, the “suspicions” are corroborated by investigative elements.

The guidelines to follow in such a case do not change compared to the many others reported. The Ministry of Health suggests implementing the precautionary principle. That simply means do not use the reported products in any way.

Doing so would mean putting your health at risk, in a more or less serious way. It is important to check the data of the products purchased and, if the indicated codes and expiration dates are detected, return everything to the production plant or, in general, to the place where the purchase was made. It will then be the task of the employees to get rid of everything, guaranteeing a refund or replacement, depending on your preferences.