Recall of food products due to risk of presence of carcinogenic allergens and glass

The Ministry of Healthin its function of monitoring products that put health at risk, has recalled two products. The first is a minestronewhile in the second case it is a crackers Asian.

The risks associated with the two products are different, but in both cases recall was requested for greater safety. The warning is not to consume it and, for supermarkets or retail outlets, not to sell it.

Recall for branded minestrone soup: risk of presence of glass

With the notes ofApril 30th the Ministry of Health (also present ondedicated app) has decided to recall some products. The first is the product “Classic Minestrone 850g” (sales name) which identifies the brand's vegetable soup The Valley of the Gardens.

The manufacturer and identification mark of the establishment is FRoSTA, specifically from the Lommtzsch factory, Messaer Strasse 3-5 in Germany. To better identify the package under recall, you can check the accused lot: L 4043F10.

The minestrone, which has a brown cardboard-like packaging and the words “new recipe” and “new bag with less plastic”, has raised the alarm due to the possible presence of a foreign body. In particular it is the presence of glass to have triggered concern about the health risk of consumers. The recall, scheduled for April 26, 2024 for the product with an August 2025 expiration date, comes with a warning. The note states that the product must not be consumed and bring it back to the point of sale for collection.

Recall for Asian chips: presence of dye that causes asthma and vomiting

Another finished product under the lens of the Ministry of Health is a brand of Asian chips. The product name (sales name) is Lala fish crackers classics 24x100g (PDLA01). The social region with which to identify it is Beagley Copperman BV

The manufacturer's name is Gem Food and the factory location is in the Philippines. According to the recall note all the lots arrived in Italy they are not to be consumed. The note is explicit and reads:

  • production batch under recall: all
  • expiry date or minimum shelf life on the packaging: all

The reason for the recall is the presence of a allergen, a very well-known dye. This is E110. There are some dyes banned in Europe for the risks related to consumption and the yellow-orange E110 is one of these. The risk, which is more serious in children, is of having effects such as: hyperactivity, asthmahives, skin rashes, stomach pain, insomnia, vomit. According to some studies, this dye is carcinogenic.

The recall includes different flavors of the same chips. With the same motivation and with the same description that applies to every batch and every expiry date, they are like this withdrawn from the market and the sale of:

  • Lala fish crackers with “salt & vinegar” flavor 24x100g (PDLA03)
  • Lala fish crackers with “swee chilli” flavor 24x100g (PDLA04)

The warnings in the note from the Ministry of Health are peremptory: the product must not be consumed. For those who sell it: block it and identify it as not salable. Finally, it was requested to activate the recall procedure from the European market.