Risk of contamination of cocoa and gluten-free flour, 7 products recalled by the Ministry

The Ministry of Health, among the various tasks it carries out, is attentive to food products risky to health placed on the market. In the last two days they have been 7 products discovered and recalled at risk, i.e. not compliant with food and health standards. Among these stand out the names of well-known brands Flourbut also of cocoa powder due to the presence of allergens and toxins

Flour recalled due to the presence of allergens

With the note dated 9 April, the Ministry of Health invited consumers not to purchase, not consume or deliver a specific product to the supermarket where the sale took place. It's about the mix for bread and pizza of the brand Three Mills. Specifically, the packaging bears the writing: “Bread and Pizza Mix – I love being gluten-free”.

The production lot compromised by the possible presence of contamination of mustard and sesame seeds not declared on the label is: LV23005666. The manufacturer is Molino Rossetto and the headquarters of the factory is in via San Fausto 98 (35029) in Pontelongo (PD). Also another production batch, the number LV23016666was recalled due to risk of contamination.

Another product from Molino Rossetto is also recalled, namely the preparation for gluten-free pancakes and chestnuts. The reason is the same: possible presence of sesame and mustard seeds not declared on the label.

Pastas Gallo brand flour

Finally, another flour recalled for risk of food contamination of mustard and six of undeclared sesame is the “Mix sin gluten para mutiples usos”. Also in this case we talk about the production of Molino Rossetto with expiry date 27 January 2025. The production batch is: LV23027102.

With the same reason, the product with the corporate name of the OSA in whose name the product is marketed is also recalled: “The unique mix of harinas without gluten for mutiples uses”. The lot is: LV23038102 and the package weighs 500 grams with an expiry date of 7 February 2025.

Finally the last withdrawn production batch of the brand Pasta Galloalso produced in the Pontelongo del Molino Rossetto factory, is the one identifiable by the number LV23011101. The expiration date is January 11, 2025.

Cocoa powder recalled

An additional product was recalled on April 10th. It's about the cocoa powder of the supermarket Penny. The recalled batches are different, but they all come from the Chopina 10, 34-100 Wadowice factory in Poland. The manufacturer of the 250 gram package subject to recall is Maspex Food.

The reason for the recall is related to presence of ochratoxin higher than the legal limit (EU regulation 915/2023). The lots involved are:

  • L311202WO with expiration date 05/2025
  • L311203WO with expiration date 05/2025
  • L311212WO with expiration date 05/2025
  • L311211WO with expiry date 05/2025
  • L401033WO with expiry date 07/2025
  • L401041WO with expiry date 07/2025

Customers who purchased the product with the lots and expiry dates indicated are invited not to consume it and return it to the point of sale. The ochratoxin found in food is dangerous because it can cause gastrointestinal disorders – as happens with Escherichia coli -, but also more serious pathologies if consumed in large quantities. It is in fact one mycotoxin such Aspergillus And Penicilliu and it is easy to find it in cereals, coffee, dried fruit and wine.