The United States sends the “Green Berets” to Taiwan, Penghu Islands, in an anti-Chinese function. Why?

The United States they sent to Taiwan i “green berets“, army special forces for military training operations, precisely in the islands of Kinmen and Penghu, a few kilometers from the Chinese coast. The news was confirmed by Taiwanese Prime Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng and is particularly important as it is a strong stance of the United States in favor of the autonomy and independence of Taiwan, which is not recognized by China. Sending the Green Berets It comes in response to a deployment of numerous Chinese aircraft and ten warships in the Taiwan Strait, where China has increased its presence, raising tensions. As we know, Taiwan is at the center of the geopolitical dispute between the US and China. Let’s delve deeper into the question.

What are the Green Berets

THE Green Berets or United States Army Special Forces they are gods special forces of the US Army. The name “Green Berets” comes from the green beret used by soldiers, first used by a young colonel in World War II, Edson Ducan Ruff. THE Green Berets they are special forces of the army that are used in special operations, training military forces of countries allied to the United States, with a view to mutual exchange and military training, as in the case of Taiwan. Among their tasks, therefore, are those of increasing the defence of an allied country, assist other armies in unconventional warfare operations, fight against terrorism, operations search and rescue.

According to a SOFREP report (Special Operations Forces Report) in a military base in northern Taiwan the US special forces are training theTaiwanese army to use the Black Hornet Dwarfa military micro unmanned aerial vehicle that Taiwan’s air force and special forces would like to purchase from the United States, mainly used for surveillance and reconnaissance.


The purpose of the US mission in the islands of the Taiwan Strait

The United States has always maintained a policy that aims both to avoid a Chinese military intervention on the island of Taiwan and an excessive democratic impulse and therefore independence of Taipei (which would probably trigger China and lead to a war). This doctrine is called strategic ambiguity and this also includes sending emails Green Berets in the islands of Kinmen and Penghu, considered the first possible target in the event of an attack by China.

The mission, whose purpose is thetraining of Taiwanese forceswas approved by the US Congress in December 2023 with the National Defense Authorization Act, establishing “a comprehensive training, advisory and institutional capacity-building program” for the Taiwanese military. It should be remembered that according to a 1979 law, the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States would not only maintain trade and cultural relations with Taiwan, but also supply the island defense services to preserve its survival.


The maritime accident that raised tensions

According to the Taiwanese government, the growing pressure from the China It’s part of the plan Beijing to increase fear and tension among the population of Taiwan, on which it continues to maintain its annexation aims. The increase in Chinese presence in the Strait also occurred following an episode on February 14th off the coast of the Kinmen Islands, a few kilometers from the south-eastern Chinese coast. The Taiwanese coast guard had spotted a boat Chinese man who had fled, and during the chase an accident occurred resulting in the capsizing of the Chinese boat which caused the death of two of the four people on board.

Following this episode, China increased its presence in the waters adjacent to Kinmen Islands, with more frequent patrols. This presence therefore alarmed the Taiwanese authorities, who asked the United States for external support. Without a doubt, the situation remains tense in the Strait and the presence of the Green Barets certifies the distance between the government of Beijing and Taipei.