the warning from the Ministry of Health

Different brands of french fries were recalled from supermarkets due to chemical risk by the Ministry of Health. They are not all produced by the same company, but they would all come from Philippines. The problem may be at a plant in the country. There are 5 different products in total, ranging from more traditional chips to others with more particular flavours.

Unlike other cases, it is not a question of the withdrawal of a single lot, but of the entire production distributed in our country. The ministry stressed in its statement that the recalled chips should not be eaten and that it is necessary to return them to the retailer from which they were purchased.

Which chips have been recalled

Five different types of chips distributed in Italy by the company Fresh Tropical Srl were recalled by the Ministry of Health in all the lots distributed in Italian supermarkets. An extraordinary event that underlines that the problem with this product is not a temporary production error but a systematic one. The ministry's sheets in fact indicate the presence of an additive not permitted by Italian and European regulations, even if they do not specify what it is.

Four of the recalled crisps share the brand under which they were produced, Jack&Jilland also the producer, Universal Robina Corporation. This is a Philippine company based in Quezon City which has its main factory for the production of these snacks in the Philippines.

The recalled chips attributable to the Jack&Jill brand are PH Chips J6J Mr. Nacho Cheese Chips in the 110 gram package, the J&J Nacho Pizza Plates weighing 85 grams, the PH Chips J6J Cheese plates of 85 grams and the Nova Country Cheddar 78 grams. All batches of these snacks have been recalled and should therefore be considered unsafe to eat.

A fifth type of crisps attributable to the distribution company Fresh Tropical Srl and recalled by the Ministry of Health is the LaLa Prawn Crack HotSpicy 60 grams. In this case it is produced by Newton Food Philippines, also with a factory in the island state of South East Asia. However, the company does not appear to be connected to the manufacturer of the other recalled snacks, Universa Robina Corporation.

The indications of the Ministry of Health

For all recalled crisps, regardless of the brand, the indication of Ministry of Health it's the same. The products must not be consumed and must be returned to the retailer immediately. Furthermore, if you have proof of purchase with you, the retailer will be required to refund the purchase made.

In the indications of the Ministry of Health it is underlined that there is not a precise batch which is subject to withdrawal. The entire production of these crisps has been recalled due to the systematic use of an additive that is not permitted by Italian regulations. However, it is not clear what substance is used in the production of these snacks.

Not knowing the nature of the chemical risk reported by the Ministry of Health, it is not possible at the moment to say what the consequences could be of the possible ingestion of the chips withdrawn from the market. The advice of the authorities remains that of do not eat these products.