they may contain pieces of plastic

Pieces of plastic were discovered in the Milka Oreo biscuits, leading the Ministry of Health to order their immediate withdrawal from supermarkets, due to the potential physical risk deriving from the possible presence of foreign bodies. Customers who have purchased Milka Oreo chocolate bars with the specific batch number are invited not to consume them and to return them to the point of sale where they were purchased, where it will be possible to obtain a full refund.

What is the lot

In the recent press release released by the Ministry of Health, it was specified that a specific batch of biscuits, identified with the code OSK0934422. These biscuits were produced in the Mondelez Polska Produktion factory, located in Poland. The expiry date for this particular batch has been set for August 1, 2024, while the weight of the packages involved amounts to 37 grams.

Unfortunately, it may happen that some food products are recalled by the health authorities. For those who have purchased a package belonging to this batch of Milka Oreo chocolate biscuits, health authorities strongly recommend refrain from consuming it. It is vitally important to immediately return the product to the store, where staff will be ready to assist you with a replacement or refund. For any questions or needs for clarification, consumers are invited to contact the toll-free number 800-055200, where further information and necessary assistance will be provided.

What to do in case of inhalation of a foreign body

If you inhale a foreign body, such as a morsel of food or a piece of plastic, it is essential to first determine whether the obstruction is partial or complete. In the first case, the subject coughs and breathes, while in the second case the subject does not breathe at all. The first symptom is coughing, a self-defense mechanism of the body through which it tries to expel the body. The cough alternates with the victim’s difficulty breathing. In case of total obstruction of the airways, however, the victim is unable to breathe and tends to become cyanotic.

Avoid patting the victim on the back or trying to remove the foreign body with your fingers, as this could aggravate the situation by pushing the object further into the airway.

If the victim is faced with a partial obstruction of the airway, it is essential to remain calm and encourage him to cough to expel the foreign body naturally. In the event of a total obstruction of the airway, it is imperative to immediately call for help and, while waiting for their arrival, carry out the Heimlich maneuver. However, it is important to note that this technique should not be used with children under one year of age. For newborns, it is advisable to lay them face down on the forearm of the person performing the maneuver and gently hit them 5 times between the shoulder blades with the palm of your hand. If the foreign body is not expelled, the baby must be turned onto his stomach and, using the index and middle fingers, must be pressed on the chest 5 times, in the center of the line between the nipples. This procedure must be alternated with interscapular blows until the passage of air is again possible.

Regardless of the situation, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions given over the telephone by healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the directions just provided they are in no case to be considered a substitute for the intervention of first aid operators.