WhatsApp, an AI and Meta AI-based photo editor integrated into the search bar is coming soon

WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app from Halfis preparing a new feature based on artificial intelligence that would allow the editing images directly in-app thanks to a special editor equipped with three different tools. Moreover, it seems that Meta AI – the generative artificial intelligence of Mark Zuckerberg's company – will be accessible by users directly in the search bar of the messaging app. To reveal it is WABetaInfoa portal considered the point of reference for discovering WhatsApp news that will be released in the future, which by testing update number of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android found traces of this new feature. At the moment it is not clear when these new features will be available in the stable version of WhatsApp, nor if it is already in development for the iOS version of the messaging app.

AI-based photo editor arrives on Whatsapp: what you can do

As can be seen in the screenshot released by WABetaInfo (shown below), the new tool for editing photos in WhatsApp will specifically allow access to three different functions.

  1. Backdrops: this function (which in the Italian version of WhatsApp could be called “backdrop” or “background”) should allow you to replace the background of your photos with a different one. It could be particularly useful for creating photo montages “on the fly” directly in WhatsApp.
  2. Restyle: this is the function (which in the Italian interface could be renamed “Style”) through which it would be possible to customize the style of the photos, giving them a completely new look through the application of artistic effects of various kinds.
  3. Expand: with this function (which in Italian could be renamed “Expand”), however, it could be possible to expand the entire image, adjusting its dimensions according to your needs, then letting WhatsApp reconstruct the portion of the image that has been added with elements and colors suitable for the context of the photograph on which one is going to act.
WhatsApp AI Editor |  Geopop

WABetaInfo did not provide further details about how the new AI-based editing tools we just talked about work, nor did they indicate a possible public launch window for them. The portal simply limited itself to commenting on the news with these words:

We believe this feature opens up new possibilities for users to enhance and edit their images, offering greater flexibility in expressing themselves through visual content. It is important to note that in the future this feature will be available to all WhatsApp users completely free of charge.

As has already happened in the past for other functions that appeared previously in the beta version of WhatsApp, it will be necessary to Half (the company responsible for its development) concludes all relevant tests before the public release of the new AI tools. This could also mean wait a few months before we can use them on our Android and iOS smartphones.

WhatsApp integrates Meta AI: questions will be asked in the search bar

WhatsApp also has it in the works other AI-based features which could arrive in the stable version of the app in some time. Among these there is a particularly interesting one, which appeared in version of WhatsApp beta for Androidwhich would make it easier to start conversations with Meta AI (a sort of ChatGPT-style chatbot developed by Meta and available for some WhatsApp users from September 2023). The function, in fact, would be accessible directly from the WhatsApp search bar.

This approach would make its use particularly convenient, thus encouraging users to more easily exploit its potential to quickly obtain information, request assistance and carry out various types of operations (as can also be appreciated from the following screenshot).

Meta AI on WhatsApp |  Geopop

This further innovation adds to the others announced by WhatsApp in September last year. In addition to the availability of Meta AI in WhatsApp, in fact, the possibility of creating photorealistic stickers and images had been added (also in this case the availability is limited to a defined number of users, at least for the moment).

All this allows us to clearly understand the direction in which WhatsApp is going which, with the passage of time and the introduction of AI functions, is slowly leaving its characteristic traits of a “pure” messaging app to transform itself into a tool more complete and functional.