Is the USA in crisis? «No, it will be an American century», interview with Francesco Costa from Il Post

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It is an issue that is debated daily all over the world: the United States they are a country in crisis, destined to leave the scepter of superpower to China? Or will the 21st century be another American century? Let’s try to answer these questions thanks to Francesco Costa, deputy editor of Il Post and expert on the United States. We interviewed him and explored some of the themes he touches on in his new book Border. You can see our full chat in video above.

In summary, during the interview we touched on numerous topics, starting from relationship between Americans and Weapons: think that in the USA there are 400 million of firearms for a population of approx 335 million people.

We continued by analyzing the meaning that the frontier conceptthat is, the desire to always push oneself beyond the limit, for better or for worse, achieving great goals or, alternatively, achieving colossal failures.

What emerges from the conversation is that the United States wants to be and thinks it is a model for the rest of the world and they believe they have the mission to spread this model to the rest of the planet, with the alternating use of violence and soft power. In short, let’s talk about the much abused expression “export democracy”.

On the other hand, the recovery and growth of the American economy on the one hand and the demographic and economic crisis who is living there China on the other, they suggest that Beijing’s probable overtaking of Washington may not occur in the near future. This despite the difficulty of the USA to militarily help its allies (Ukraine and Israel among all) and the strong divisions between Republicans and Democrats within the country.

What is certain, however, is that the United States is experiencing a clear leadership crisiswith the two candidates at November elections elderly and widely criticized: we are naturally talking about the current president Joe Biden and the former president Donald Trump.