Speed ​​camera decree, the new rules for the positioning of speed detectors on the roads

The State-City Conference has approved the draft of the new decree – expected for a long time now – which regulates the installation of Speed ​​Cameras placing precise constraints on which sections of road can actually host speed detectors, both in urban and extra-urban roads. The purpose of the decree is to limit their “unjustified” installation: in fact, speed cameras have the purpose of make the streets saferbut they are sometimes considered a means used by municipalities to “make money”, and there are actually incidents that led people to think that this theory wasn't exactly false. The text of the decree is definitive in form, but the new measures have not yet entered into force.

The new speed camera decree: here's the news

The new taxes there are essentially two:

  • Speed ​​cameras can be installed only on stretches of road with a high level of accidentsthat is, in dangerous areas, where high speed can be fatal;
  • Speed ​​cameras can be installed only where the speed limit is not more than 20 km/h lower compared to the maximum limit foreseen for that type of road. For example, on main extra-urban roads there is a speed limit of 110 km/h. This means that speed cameras can only be installed if the speed limit imposed on that stretch of road is not less than 90 km/h. As regards the urban streetsInstead, it is not possible to place devices where the limit is lower than 50 km/h.

These new clauses would be designed to avoid possible abuse by Municipalities in installing speed cameras even where they are not necessary.

The rules that already exist to regulate speed cameras

Over the years the Traffic Laws had already tried to stem the cases of “fraudulent” speed cameras, i.e. positioned in strategic points in order to issue a high number of fines (such as around a bend, or after a sudden decrease in the speed limit). The legislature, in fact, requires that speed detectors be placed at least 1 km by a sign requiring a reduction in the speed limit.

speed cameras new speed limit decree

To clarify, if we are on a state road, where the speed limit is usually 110 km/h and a slowdown to 90 km/h is imposed, the speed camera cannot be found less than 1 km from the sign indicating the new speed limit. This rule serves both avoid “free” finesboth a secure slowing down vehicles. The driver must in fact have time to brake safelyotherwise sudden braking could cause an accident.