the lots affected by the recall

The Ministry of Health never lowers the level of attention to food safety for Italians, with a new recall in supermarkets due to health risks. In fact, what is included in the report published on its website is theCapricciosa salad after the possible danger to presence of glass fragments contained in the product.

A double note of warning came from the ministry led by Orazio Schillaci, because the capricciosa salad in question is produced by the same factory, but can be found in supermarkets in two versions with as many different brands.

Dangerous capricious salad and withdrawal

The protagonist of the new recall published on the Ministry of Health portal dedicated to safety alerts is the capricciosa salad produced in the Belmonte SAS factories and which can be found in supermarkets under two different brands. The product, in fact, can be on the shelves as “salad capricciosa” of the Belmonte brand or “salad capricciosa decorated” Fontaneto.

Both, however, are produced at Belmonte SAS of San Ponso (in via Salassa 3), in the Turin area, which has communicated the possible physical danger to consumers to the Ministry. In fact, glass fragments have been found in some products which can threaten health.

As stated in the reasons for the recall, the capricciosa salad is recalled due to “possible physical contamination (glass fragment) coming from external raw material”. Therefore “all non-expired batches are withdrawn because it is assumed that the cause of the non-compliance is in the 'salad' raw material of the batch with which the capricciosa salad was produced in the period in question”.

The affected lots of the Belmonte brand, according to the Ministry of Health, are those with the number:

  • BL24003450 dated 12/03/2024 (expires 27/03/2024);
  • BL24003581 dated 03/14/2024 (expires 03/29/2024);
  • BL24003647 dated 03/15/2024 (expires 03/30/2024);
  • BL24003775 dated 03/19/2024 (expires 04/03/2024);
  • BL24003841 dated 03/20/2024 (expires 04/04/2024).

This is the 1000g and 250g capricciosa salad, with the identification mark of the F5U4N factory.

As regards the Fontaneto brand decorated capricciosa salad, the Ministry informs that the affected lots are those with the number:

  • 073 of 12/03/2024 (expires 27/03/2024);
  • 078 of 03/15/2024 (expires 03/30/2024);
  • 078 of 03/15/2024 (expires 03/27/2024);
  • 080 of 19/03/2024 (expires 03/04/2024);
  • 080 of 03/19/2024 (expires 03/31/2024).

In this case, however, it is the 1500g capricciosa salad and the 2000g decorated capricciosa salad, with the same identification mark of the F5U4N factory.

All the products indicated by Belmonte SAS will be collected by the same Ministry employees, with the recall note which serves to put on alert all the shops or warehouses that have the capricious salad of the two brands in stock.

Food safety for the Ministry

As mentioned, food safety is put first by the Ministry of Health which monitors as best it can the quality of products sold in supermarkets. Specifically, this mechanism is possible thanks to food sector operators (OSA) who have the obligation to inform their customers of the non-compliance found in the foods they place on the market and to withdraw a product from the market.

In addition to the recall, if the product has already been sold to the consumer, the FBO must carry out the recall, i.e. it must inform consumers about risky productsalso through signage to be placed in points of sale, and to publish the recall in the specific area of ​​the Ministry of Health portal.